Conestoga Christchun Skool, 2760 Mane St., Mergantown, will host its 46th annual benefit Chicke Barbecue an' Aucshun un Oct. 18 an' 19.Activitees will cummence Oct. 18 wiff chicke barbecue dinners availabull tween 11 a.m. an' 7 p.m. n' t'skool gymnasium. Tables will be set up fer y'all ta ett yer … Reat t'res

Conestoga Valley Skool Districtkunestoga Valley Skool Districk Board o'Directers will meet at Mundie, Sept. 16, at t'administrashun cant'r, 2110 Herseshoe Road. Amungst t'agenda items:- Commantree un districk activitee: (a) board commendatyuns; (b) superintendent’s commints; (c) cerrespondance, secretree; (d) board commints.

– Public/ professyunal/ staff input: (a) public commints; (b) commints … Reat t'res

T' Rotree Club o'Paradise May high skool Studants o't' Month wuz Joshua Griel, o'Conestoga Valley; an' Noah Schnabel, o'Lancast'r Mennonite; an' Clara Neff, o'Pekwea Valley. All three, who will be senyers thishere fall, wuz recognizt us out outstan'yun' studants recommendt by t'skool’s guidance department, principal er facultee un t'basis o'signifikunt … Reat t'res