Conner Strine, Gavin Ba'r an' Ammala Moua all made moves up t'leederboard un Tuesdee but coultn’t overtake t'furst-roun leeders at t'PIAA Individual Golf Champyunships at Heritage Hills Golf Resert n' York.Few did.Cantral York’s Carsen Bacha cardt his'n sekunt strate 67 an' helt off Ryun Ferry o'Meedville ta capture t'Class 3A … Reat t'res

Drama wuz nowhar ta be foun at Foxchase Golf Club un Mundie.Neether wuz Conner Strine er Ammala Moua.Bof run off an' hid frum thar respectif' fielts un thar way ta a'winnin individual titles at t'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue golf champyunships.

And Manheim Township wuz barly n' siite. As specktid, t'Streeks dominatid t'eam … Reat t'res


Writte by Conner Gerbran't/Michael Thom

Publisht: 29 Julee 2019

A plane crash lus week n' Maxico hus impactid folk diereckly n' suthern Manitoba. 

Un Tuesdee, Julee 23, a small plane crashd n' t'Mexicun state o' Chihuahua. A well-knowed Loe Germun paster, Steve Wall, wuz amungst t'fer victims.
Esth'r Abrams … Reat t'res