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Sep 16, 2019 at 9:18 PM

Bux Countee high skool gurls socc'r roundup: Septemb'r 12
Grace Burns had a pair o'goals ta hep propel Upp'r Merelan' ta a 5-0 win ov'r Dock Mennonite n' a nonleegue gurls socc'r game Mundie.Burns had bof o'hern goals n' t'furst half … Reat t'res

Frum drag queens ta Amish eats, Lancast'r Countee hus bee t'a'settin o'minny a TV advantures.Here air fife shows er episodes at have bee filmt n' t'countee.

“Amish Mafia”

Lebanon Levi leeves his'n parkyun' space n' frunt o't' Ol' Lancast'r Courthouse off Eus Kyun' Street aft'r film croos finisht shootin. (Richard … Reat t'res

Thangs Ta DOkunCERTS• T' Butl'r Countee Symfony Orkester hosts a speshul chamb'r concert at 3 p.m. today, Sept. 14, at t'symfony offus n' Butl'r. Cassan'ra Eisenreich, BCSO flautist an' Slippery Rock Univesty professer o'musick; Paige Riggs, SRU professer o'musick an' cellist; an' pyinist Dr. Lyina Harron will perferm. Admission is … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. — High skool volleyball sceres frum Thirsdee, Septemb'r 12:
Harrisonburg 3, Warre Countee 0Eastern Mennonite 3, Blue Ridge Christchun 0 Eus Rockingham 3, Luray 0 Page Countee 3, Stonewall Jacksen 0Willyum Monroe 3, Spotswuod 0Wilsen Memerial 3, Turn'r Ashby 0Strasburg 3, Rappahannock Countee 2Waynesbero 3, Stuarts Draft 0Broadway … Reat t'res

Thishere is Leslie VonHolte o'Chase Countee, Kansus, wiff anoth'r HPPR Radeeo Reeders Book Byte. Mos o't' books n' thishere seesen’s Radeeo Reeders lis air about youngns a'crossin cultchurs, an' t'rough waters thay must navigate ta do so. Yung youngn Sekwuyah, t'narrater n' Bran'on Hobsen’s Whar t'Daid Sit A'talkin, is hissef … Reat t'res

DA: Mun threatend ta retirement trayler shootin aft'r bein denit wurk  WHP HarrisburgA Lancast'r Countee jury deliberatid fer roun 20 minnuts un Tuesdee befor a'findin a mun gilty aft'r he threatend ta brang a gun ta a local retirement …

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LerETTO — T' Mifflin Countee boys kum, saw an' conkwert t'Rt Flash Invitatyunal Saturdee.T' big hero fer t'Huskies wuz Conrad Coffey. Tho he did nairy finish n' t'op fife amungst his'n team, Coffey wuz bull ta secure t'furst place victery brakin t'ie wiff Hollidaysburg.
“CJ Coffey wuz t'hero o't' day,” … Reat t'res

highlan'  T' Highlan' Countee PressBy Jim Thompsen HCP columnist My biddy laughs, fer startin un t'22nd o'June each year, I cummence ta git a lil depresst. T' summ'r solstice hus passt,

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Submit evants about 2 weeks n' advance o'publicashun date ta [email protected] Note Tri Countee Recerd Calendar.Sept. 12Loe Vishun Suppert Group: 3 p.m. n' t'Garde Towers at Garde Spot Village, 433 S. Kinz'r Ave., New Hollan'. Ran'all Weng'r, Lancast'r Countee Board o'Electyuns an' Registrashun Commission will discuss Pennsillvany’s new loe-vishun frienly … Reat t'res

“We’ve bee inundatid,” Kriste Wagn'r sed us she unpackt vaccines inside t'Yates Countee public heelth offices n' Penn Yun.“We’re a'trine t'bes at we a'ken,” she sed, continuyun' ta set cartons o'meesles, mumps, an' rubella vaccine un top o'a tray at wuz alreddy too full ta hold inny mer.Wagn'r an' hern … Reat t'res