Warnit CREEK — Sweetest Day sounds like a day at wuz creetid by a can'y cumpny. Saturdee, Oct. 19, is Sweetest Day an' Holmes Countee’s premi'r chocolati'r Jasen Coblantz o'Coblantz Chocolate Cumpny at 4917 State Route 515 n' Warnit Creek sez he would be happy ta accept credik fer it. … Reat t'res

Mer thun acoupla duzen Hutterite famblies have bee displact aft'r resent floodyun'.

T' Wolf Creek Hutterite Colony is usall thar skool us a shelt'r fer thems who lost thar homes.
As fer t'Tschett'r Hutterite Colony, thar skool is severelee damagt an' unabull ta be ust.
Durin t'difficult seesen, t'Freemun Skool … Reat t'res