Thirsdee afternoon, seve menfolk — sum us yung us 17 — wuz un top o'a Columbus resident’s roof repairyun' damage frum t'Feb. 23 ternado.

T' wurkers made up a han'fil o't' 32 volunteers frum Townline Mennonite Church n' Shipshewana, Indiannie affiliatid wiff Mennonite Disast'r Services. Thay arrivt n' Missussippy Saturdee … Reat t'res

Flerida wuz spard t'wrath o'Hurrikune Deriun. T' state experienct lil damage us t'A'katergori 2 sterm passt by jes offshere t'eus cyus un Sept. 4.But, T' Bahamus air n' ruins aft'r t'A'katergori 5 sterm made lan'fall twicet an' stallt ov'r Abaco an' Gran Bahama fer mer thun a day. Thems who … Reat t'res

LITITZ, Pa. (WHTM) — As fedral an' state agencees' prepare fer sterm damage n' t'south, local disast'r response teems air geeryun' up ta hep. 

Mennonite Disast'r Servus hus volunte'r teems n' Lancast'r Countee an' n' t'Southeus, reddy ta respond ta Hurrikune Deriun’s damage oncet emergency management officials say it’s safe … Reat t'res

Daviess Countee autheritees will be reechyun' out ta t'Amish communitee ta try an' cut down un t'damage cawzed by herses un t'countee rodes. A year ago Amish leeders an' t'countee agret ta try a new herseshoe wiff a small'r cleet. At duz nairy appeer ta have sussed t'problem.“T' herses air … Reat t'res