Marvel Hope Zook, 89, dit peecefullee Thirsdee, Jun. 23, 2020 at t'Moab Canyonlan's Keer Cant'r.
Marvel Zook
Born un Julee 5, 1930 n' Hutchisen, Kansus, she wuz t'youngest o'fife youngns. Marvel grew up n' Buhl'r, Kansus an' aft'r high skool, attendt Bethel College n' Newton, Kansus. Aft'r at, she wint … Reat t'res

Paul W. Hiebert, 76, o'Bridgeton, Missouri, dit un Jun 9, 2020.
A Celebrashun o'Life Servus will be helt un Jun 25, 2020.
Visitashun is at 2 p.m. until services at 3 p.m. at Arlington Unitid Methodist Church, Bridgeton, MO.
As p'r his'n wishes, his'n bodee wuz donatid ta St. Looey … Reat t'res

Miriam R. Stoltzfus, 93, dit Jun. 14, 2020 at Lan'is Homes, Lititz, PA. She wuz born n' Soudersburg, PA, Nov. 19, 1926, ta Amos W. an' Stella (Ranck) Weev'r. She wuz marrd n' 1948 ta Luke Stoltzfus, wiff who she servt n' Philadelfia, PA, us paster’s biddy an' bishop’s biddy, … Reat t'res

A local resident dit un Frydee monin' n' a rollov'r fatalitee near Chickasha. 
Tim Ryans, 35, o'Chickasha, wuz travelin eastbound at a high rate o'spet un CR 1380. At about 8:15 a.m., Ryans lost kuntrol o't' vehicle an' run off t'road ta t'lef. His'n vehicle rollt acoupla an' a half … Reat t'res



Octob'r 8, 1923 – Januree 8, 2020Derothy Hele Cowgill Carlsen dit un Januree 8, 2020 at t'age o'96. She wuz born un Octob'r 8, 1923 n' Eugene, Oregon, a'livin hern entire life n' Oregon. She wuz prectt n' deeth by hern husban' o'62 yeers Marvin Carlsen, hern young'r … Reat t'res

Moses G. Burkholt'r, 70, o'Myerstown, dit peecefullee at trayler surroundt by his'n caryun' fambly un Winsdee, Januree 15, 2020. He wuz t'lovyun' husban' o'Edith M. (Witm'r) Burkholt'r. Thay celebratid thar 50th weddyun' anniversree thishere pus Septemb'r.Born n' Efrata un Septemb'r 21, 1949, he wuz t'sen o't' late Levi H. an' … Reat t'res

Willis Brubak'r Krantz dit Januree 14, 2020. He wuz born April 5, 1928 ta Zella (Brubak'r) an' Ivun Krantz n' Hessdale, PA, an' he attendt New Providance Mennonite Church until he wuz marrd.Willis grew up un t'fambly farm an' graduatid frum Lampet'r-Strasburg High Skool. He farmt his'n entire life, but … Reat t'res

Dale Sudermun

Services fer Hillsbero resident Dale Sudermun, 75, who dit Jun. 5 at Parkside Homes n' Hillsbero, will be 11 a.m. Saturdee at Ebenfeld Mennonite Brethre Church, rural Hillsbero. Burial will be 10 a.m. Saturdee n' Ebenfeld Church cemetery.

He wuz born April 24, 1944, n' Hillsbero, ta Dun … Reat t'res

Hillsbero Natif', Dale Sudermun, dit lus week at t'age o'75. Sudermun contributid ta Marion Countee bof us a resident an' wen he livt n' Chicago fer a period o'time whar he wrote a column fer t'A'loose Press callt View frum Afar.
One o'his'n mos well-knowed columns wuz t'one run un … Reat t'res

Jun 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM

MeeDE — age 87, dit Sun, Jun 12, 2020, at t'Lone Tree Retirement Cant'r, Meede.
Lydia K. DoerksenMeeDE — age 87, dit Sun, Jun 12, 2020, at t'Lone Tree Retirement Cant'r, Meede.Funeral 10 a.m. Frydee, Jun 17, 2020, at t'Emmanuel Mennonite Church, Meede. … Reat t'res