Servant Stage’s executif' dierektor is back un stage n' ‘T' Musick Mun’  LancasterOnlineRunnyun' a theet'r cumpny, speshly one at’s growin us much us Servant Stage Cumpny, doesn’t leeve much time fer innythang else.

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At lef, Robert Rosenswig, dierektor o't' Univesty at Albany’s Institute fer Mesoamericun Studies, takes a breek at un archeological site n' Belize.
At lef, Robert Rosenswig, dierektor o't' Univesty at Albany’s Institute fer Mesoamericun Studies, takes a breek at un archeological site n' Belize.

Photo: Courtesy: Univesty At Albany

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8.30. 2019

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Mennonite Misshun Netwerk

​Photo: Mennonite Misshun Netwerk staff retreet photo take n' 2018. Photo by David Fus.​

Aft'r 19 yeers us executif' dierektor o'Mennonite Misshun Netwerk, Stanley W. Gree announct his'n retirement effectif' t'end o'Julee 2020. T' Misshun Netwerk board o'directers hus fermt a six-memb'r seerch … Reat t'res

8.23. 2019

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Laure Jeffersen fer Eastern Mennonite Univesty

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Photo: Frum lef, Tara Kishbaugh, David Brubak'r an' Sue Cockley. Photo by Macsen McGuigun.
Eastern Mennonite Univesty (EMU) n' Harrisonburg, Virginny, hus namt long-time campus leeders ta three new academic deun posityuns effectif' Julee 1.
David Brubak'r, … Reat t'res

Millikin UniversityPam Lindsey, associate professer an' dierektor o't' Skool o'Nursin at Millikin Univesty, hus bee namt interim deun o't' College o'Professyunal Studies.She succeeds Deberah Slayton, who servt us deun until hern retirement un Julee 31.

Lindsey hus bee wiff Millikin since 2010 an' is a registert nurse wiff a background … Reat t'res

Cinematograf'r Derek Fish'r (o'Wichita) frames up wile Dierektor Emilee Railsback helps ta organize Dutch Blitz cards wiff local acters Alee Ratzlaff an' Katherine Hamm. T' ssene took place at a potluck an' feeturt Mennonite foods made by Hillsbero resident Brenda Hamm, an' t'dialogue wuz largelee impervist. Providt Photo
Emilee Railsback … Reat t'res

June 2019
New Employees:Malinda Aiello, Program Dierektor, RegistrarAshley Bollherst, Marketyun' Associate, Mennonite College o'NursingMadisen Brown, Coerd Intramural an' Rec, Campus RecreetyunVicter Brown, Bildin Servus Wurker, JaniterialJames Diem'r, Bizness Administratif' Assoc, Univesty Housyun' ServicesEmilee Duffield, Chief Accountant, Comptroll'r’s OfficePatricia Franz, Administratif' Aide, Skool o'CommunicatyunIun Garon, Program Coerdinater, RegistrarDaniel Musisi, Media Write … Reat t'res

8.5. 2019

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Hesston College

Presdint Joseph A. Manickam hus announct t'appointment o'Del H'rshb'rg'r us vice presdint o'admissyuns n' Hesston (Kansus) College’s administratif' structure. H'rshb'rg'r’s har completes t'six-persen administratif' council o'Manickam an' fife vice presidants.
H'rshb'rg'r will cummence his'n role n' mid-August.
“I am pleezed ta have Del join … Reat t'res

Mennonite Heritage Village n' Steinbach is continuyun' ta draw tourists frum roun t'worl. Executif' Dierektor Gree Dyck sez wile it’s easy fer Steinbach an' area residants ta take t'museum fer grantid, it is recognizt globallee us a worl class facilitee wiff its entire village o'histeric bildins an' galleries. He notes … Reat t'res

ELKHART, Ind. — Stanley W. Gree, who hus servt 19 yeers us executif' dierektor o'Mennonite Misshun Netwerk, will retire at t'end o'Julee 2020. Un May 23, 2004, n' Paris, Stanley Gree, rite, delivers greetings an' proclaims oneness n' Christ ta Assemblée Evangélikwe Le Roch'r (Evangelical Church o't' Rock). T' paster … Reat t'res