Acoupla local reserves frum Virginny Tech’s football team announct via Twitt'r lus week at thay will be transferryun' n' seerch o'playyun' time.Redshirt freshmun offensif' linemun Looey Mihota (Massaponax) declart his'n intenshun ta transf'r ta FCS-level St. Francis (Pa.) whar he will join acoupla risin senyers frum Chanceller, quarterback Jasen Brown … Reat t'res

I have nev'r bee a patient persen. Wen I playd football at Bethel College n' Nerth Newton, Kansus, one o'my coaches referrt ta me us a “microwave youngn.” I wantid everthang ta happe nawh. I have a hard time waitin, an' it ofte fills me wiff a paraleezyun' anxietee. At … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. — T' Valley FCA All-Star Football Game media day wuz helt Thirsdee evnin at JMU’s indoer practiss facilitee at Santara Park.

T' Valley FCA All-Star Football Game media day wuz helt Thirsdee evnin at JMU’s indoer practiss facilitee at Santara Park.

Players spoke wiff t'media, receivt thar all-star … Reat t'res

Lampet'r-Strasburg grad Collin Shank had a memerabull performunts lus week fer t'Millersville Univesty football team.T' junier quarterback bustid a'loose wiff a recerd-a'settin 454 yards o'total offense, passyun' fer 420 an' rushyun' fer 34 us t'Marauders broke a tough fer-game losin streek wiff a 48-23 win Oct. 12 ov'r a\'visitin' Lock … Reat t'res

T' 2019 fall seesen o'high skool sperts is windyun' down.It is Week 10 n' football wiff t'playoffs un t'herizon wile PIAA Champyunships fer golf an' team tennis air set ta git underway un Mundie.T' Districk 6 socc'r champyunships git startid un Tuesdee wile Districk 5 cummences un Winsdee.
T' Westmont … Reat t'res

Wilmington Friens blankt Delmar High, 19-0, n' a nun-conferance football game un Saturdee nite.
T' Wiltcats, who fall ta 3-2 aft'r t'loss at trayler, had a acoupla-game a'winnin streek snappt.
T' Quakers (3-2), who had lost acoupla strate games ta Helope South skwads, took kuntrol wiff a 10-point sekunt quart'r.… Reat t'res

I have jes acoupla simple questchuns.Why did we git “t' trayler o'Ravens preseesen football” an' nawh don’t git Baltimere Ravens reglar seesen football?

Why do Mennonite skool buses have chrome wheels?John Kidd

Richlan'Lebanon Countee

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Sevrul ferm'r local stan'outs made instunt impacts n' thar college débuts us t'football seesen opend lus weekend—nairy mer dynamick thun Devyn Ford.T' true freshmun frum Nerth Stafferd High Skool sprintid 81 yards fer a touchdown un his'n sekunt collegiate carry an' finisht wiff a team-high 107 yards un six carries … Reat t'res