10.7. 2019

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T' Mennonite staff an' Church o't' Brethre Newsline

Photo: A Civiliun Public Servus wurker serves patyints at New Jersy State Hospital n' Marlbero, circa 1945. Mennonite Cantral Committee photo via
Thirtee Anabaptist church groups have sent a joint lett'r ta un independent U.S. fedral agency … Reat t'res

Simultaneouslee un endersement o'religiyus an' politickull freedum an' un academic reinterpretashun o't' Qurun, t'book seeks ta reclaim t'beeutee, mysticism an' virtues o'Islamic teachin through a concep Khun sed he bleevs, “Mooslims have nairy yet unnerstood — er simplee ignert.”At concep is Ihsun, take frum t'Qurun passage at sez, “Gawd is … Reat t'res