Plannin fer t'64th Annual Pleesantview Trayler Benefit Sale is n' full swang.Plannin fer a new event hus also bee un t'minds o't' benefit steeryun' committee. Tickets ta “Deck t'Halls: An Evnin o'Dinn'r an' Musick” will be sold at t'lif' aucshun. 
Thishere celebrashun o'Christmus will be un Dec. 12, 6:30 p.m. … Reat t'res

Mennonite Trayler Communitees o'Ohio is currantlee celebratin full occupancy o'all independent a'livin units throughout t'organizashun. N' total, thar air 87 independent a'livin units spred amungst t'Mennonite Memerial Trayler an' Maple Crest campuses n' Bluffton, an' t'Hiltee Trayler campus n' Pan'era. 
O' thems units, 34 air independent a'livin apartmants n' t'mane … Reat t'res

T' Ol' Testament steries air full o'kings an' preests. Thar wuz acoupla differences: t'ones who tore down altars an' t'ones who allowd 'um ta stay.Sevrul kings did whut wuz rite, but mos o'um didn’t. Thay wuz eethur influenct by thar pagun wives, by previyus kings, by politics er by t'folk. … Reat t'res

Pyune'r Days air n' full swang at t'Mennonite Heritage Village thishere weekend an' thay woultn’t be possibull without minny a volunte'r hours.
Volunteers brang t'MHV ta life demonstratyun' minny a o't' activitees at earlee Mennonite immigrants would have done wen thay furst kum ta Canada.
Al Hamm hus bee volunteeryun' … Reat t'res