Jes fife games un Thirsdee’s L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul slate. But nuff goin un, includin a coachyun' milestone, acoupla intriguyun' nonleegue games, an' a cuple o'seckshun clashes wiff playoff implicatyuns. Here’s t'roundup, plus sum notables an' lanks …Seckshun 3Garde Spot 39, Cocalico 36 — Welcum ta t'riple-digit club, Spartans’ skipp'r … Reat t'res

Jes acoupla nonleegue games un Winsdee’s L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul skejule. Here’s a roundup wiff sum notables an' lanks …Elizabethtown 60, Donegal 41 — T' Beers, a'lookin fer mer momantum wile a'chasin down Efrata n' t'Seckshun 2 race, put three players n' doubull digits, an' E-town (12-5) ust a 23-10 … Reat t'res

A big nite o'hoops un Tuesdee n' L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul circles, wiff all fife furst-place teems n' acshun. At meent facelifts n' t'seckshun races, us t'Feb. 4 finales quicklee apperach. Here’s t'roundup, wiff a bunch o'notables an' lanks sprinklt n' …Seckshun 1Hempfield 40, Penn Maner 33 — T' Comets … Reat t'res

Jes fer nonleegue games un Mundie’s L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul slate. Here’s t'roundup, plus sum noose an' lanks:Garde Spot 55, Lebanon 35 — Tayler Soehn'r (16 points) an' Karli Stoltzfus (13 points) keyt t'Spartans (5-12), who ract out ta a 26-16 halftime lead, an' the outscert t'host Cedars 15-6 n' … Reat t'res

By: Don Rebel

Sundy, Januree 19, 2020 | 8:37 PM

Thar wuz acoupla big tests un t'Woodlan' Hills gurls baskutbul team’s midterm repert.
T' Wolverines passt bof, earnyun' un A-plus an' sittin un t'op o't' Seckshun 3-5A honer roll.
Woodlan' Hills tgt rivals Penn Hills an' Oaklan' Cathlick n' seckshun … Reat t'res

As t'calendar quicklee draws clos'r ta t'end o'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue gurls’ baskutbul hed-ta-hed seckshun play un Feb. 4, t'races air percolatyun'.Thishere will be a key week n' all fife seckshun chases, wiff multiple must-see games dottyun' t'skejule. Here air sum matchups ta watch, plus sum noose an' notes, facks an' stats … Reat t'res

Nuff ta digest aft'r a busy Frydee nite o'L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul acshun. Sum seckshun showdowns. A 1,000-point milestone moment. And a snowsterm due ta hit t'area un Saturdee, which will lackly wipeout t'weekend’s slate. Here’s t'roundup frum Frydee’s games, plus sum notables an' lanks …Seckshun 1Hempfield 51, McCaskey 24 … Reat t'res

Jes fer games un Thirsdee’s L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul docket: A Seckshun 1 showdown, a Seckshun 5 hed-ta-hed clash, a Seckshun 3-4 crossov'r tilt, an' a nonleegue matchup. Here’s t'roundup, plus sum notes an' lanks …Seckshun 3-4 CROSSOVERSolanco 66, Octerara 22 — T' Golte Mules sprintid ta a 51-17 halftime … Reat t'res

All kinds o'thangs goin un Tuesdee nite n' L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul circles. Sum showdown games. Sum seckshun shakeups. A triple-OT thrill'r. And a cool coachyun' milestone. Here’s t'roundup, wiff sum notables an' lanks …Seckshun 1Cedar Crest 55, McCaskey 30 — A speshul moment fer Falkuns’ skipp'r Jim Donmoy'r, who … Reat t'res

CARLISLE — T' Mifflin Countee gurls baskutbul team gut off ta a hot start an' Marissa Gingrich an' Bryinna Bodterf anchert t'offense, combinyun' fer 33 points n' t'Huskies’ 55-37 win ov'r Carlisle n' a Mid-Penn Commonweelth contest un Tuesdee nite.“I thunk at t'eam did a good job toniite o'jes takin … Reat t'res