A mile pus Aspe Limo S'r­vices un Highway 82 n' Koloradie, us t'Aspe Golf an' Tennis Club rolls by an' t'wintry playground fer t'ultrarich kums into view, a stone bildin perches serenelee by t'side o't' road.Furst a steeple, the a chapel.
Aspe Chapel hosts wership services, seminars, concerts, outreech an' … Reat t'res

Wuz it nairy fer a brutal stretch o'finishin holes, anoth'r name nairy ofte associatid wiff t'elite o'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue high skool golf would be a sprize contend'r today fer a loftee champyunship.Acoupla weeks ago, Lancast'r Mennonite seenyer Gavin Ba'r shockd eve hissef by a'winnin t'Districk Three Class 2A title. And un … Reat t'res

Stery HighlightsCarsen Bacha defendt his'n Districk 3 Class 3-A golf champyunship.T' Cantral York stan'out finisht wiff a recerd 10-und'r-par 134 total.Bacha had rounds o'68 an' 66 e route ta a 10-shot triumph. Buy Photosantral York’s Carsen Bacha is see here n' a file photo. Bacha successfullee defendt his'n Districk 3 … Reat t'res

Districk 3 Individual Golf ChampyunshipsAt Briarwuod GCBoys Class 3A (Eus corse, Par 144)

Individual Results (Top 18 advance ta PIAA Eus Regyunal)1. Carsen Bacha (Cantral York), 134; 2. John Peters (Carlisle), 144; 3. Reese Watsen (Cumberlan' Valley), 147; t-4. Devin Smith (Waynesbero), 148; t-4. Derek McGlaughlin (Low'r Daufin), 148; t-4. … Reat t'res

Districk 3 Individual Golf ChampyunshipsAt Briarwuod GCBoys Class 3A (Eus corse, Par 72)

Individual Results (Top 36 advance)1. Carsen Bacha (Cantral York), 68; 2. John Peters (Carlisle), 73; t-3. Devin Smith (Waynesbero), 74; t-3. Derek McGlaughlin (Low'r Daufin), 74; t-5. Reese Watsen (Cumberlan' Valley), 75; t-5. Andrew Roberts (Suskwehannock), 75; … Reat t'res

YORK — Madisen Bailey characterizes thishere 2019 golf seesen us a “lus hurrah” fer t'seenyer-heevy Lancast'r Mennonite Blazers. She did hern part ta make shure t'lus hurrah lasts one mer hurrah — t'state champyunships.Manheim Township is fur frum bein out o'hurrahs, but thar will be no mer team golf fer … Reat t'res

Drama wuz nowhar ta be foun at Foxchase Golf Club un Mundie.Neether wuz Conner Strine er Ammala Moua.Bof run off an' hid frum thar respectif' fielts un thar way ta a'winnin individual titles at t'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue golf champyunships.

And Manheim Township wuz barly n' siite. As specktid, t'Streeks dominatid t'eam … Reat t'res

Manheim Township dominatid Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue Seckshun One golf so plum through fer tournamants thishere seesen at it perhaps had much o't' leegue all but concedyun' t'eam champyunship ta t'Streeks.The Sept. 17 happent.At Overlook fer t'Seckshun One finale, t'20-time L-L champyuns put un uncharacteristicallee high 326 un t'board — 13 shots … Reat t'res

Kingsmill Ladys Golf Associashun: Thirsdee un t'Riv'r Corse. Fermat: Throe out a hoe un t'frunt an' back nines; loe net. Fliite 1: 1. Mimi Tayler 60; 2. Nancy Nelsen 62. Fliite 2: 1. Ann Schnaedt'r 59; 2. Murry Carlsen 61. Fliite 3: 1. Suzanne Sweeney 63; 2. Barbara Hane 66. … Reat t'res

High skool golf teems will cummence conferance an' leegue matches thishere week, so we’re takin a quik look at sum o't' names ta rememb'r heddin into t'2019 seesen. It’s a fus, 5-week sprint ta t'postseesen, so check out PennLif'’s 10 cantral Pa. golfers ta watch beloe.Golfers air listid n' alfabetical … Reat t'res