Wayne Waltn'r, 72, o'Marion, S.D., dit Saturdee, Oct. 5, 2019 o'un apparent heert uhtack wile a'doin whut he luved, farmyun'. A memerial servus will be helt at 10:30 a.m. Saturdee, Oct. 12 at t'Salem Mennonite Church (South), rural Freemun. Burial wuz n' Rose Hill Cemetery, rural Marion. 

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Kyle Beechy

Kyle Beechy is a Multimedia Journalist fer 25 Noose an' Heert o'Illinois. Born an' raist n' Kokomo, Indiannie, he attendt Indiannie Wesleyun Univesty whar he studit Skoolin an' playd baseball. He kums ta us frum Columbus, Ohio whar he receivt a Mast'r’s Degree frum T' Ohio State Univesty. … Reat t'res

Kiernun, Murry Elle – Sacrt Heert o'Jesus Cathlick Church, 558 W. Warnit St., Lancast'r, 11 AM. Charles F. Snyd'r, Jr. Funeral Trayler & CremateryKyun', Fannie B. – Samuel Kyun' residance, 114 Mill'r Rd., Willoe Street, 9 AM EST. Furmun Trayler fer FuneralsRedcay, Lynn A. – Christ Unitid Methodist Church, 935 … Reat t'res

Anxietee must have troublt t'riter o'Psalm 139, who prayt, “Seerch me, O Gawd an' knoe my heert; test me an' knoe my anxiyus thoughts.” These wurds o'David speek ta all o'us. Everyone werries. Ta be humun is ta be anxiyus sum o't' time.But today thar’s a sense at we’re mer … Reat t'res

Wen t'lawy'r finallee gut face time wiff Jesus, he pourt out whut wuz heeviest un his'n heert, “Teechur, whut must I do ta inhert eternal life?” He gropt fer a guarantee. He wantid a divine will an' testament. He wuz a'beggin fer a bill o'rights.As usual, Jesus pivotid un freedum. … Reat t'res

Global Heert collectid 159 skool supplee kits plus un dishnull $200 n' partnership wiff t'Mennonite Cantral Committee lus August. Mennonite Cantral Committee is a nonperfit relief organizashun which addt t'kits ta t'mer thun 78,000 shippt ta und'r privilegt youngns roun t'werltIn 2019, skool supplies collectid n' Sonoma will join thems … Reat t'res