T' Districk 3 boys socc'r brackets air set, an' a han'fil o'area teems ent'r t'ournament wiff high hopes.Cumberlan' Valley is t'sekunt set n' 4A wiff a 14-2 recerd, an' Cantral Daufin is t'hurd set wiff a 16-1-1 recerd.Low'r Daufin (14-3-1) is t'sekunt set n' Class 3A, an' Hershey (12-3-2) is … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. — High skool volleyball sceres frum Thirsdee, Octob'r 17:
Eus Rockingham 3, Rappahannock Countee 0Fort Defyince 3, Riverheeds 2Spotswuod 3, Turn'r Ashby 0Eastern Mennonite 3, Fukwa 0Wilsen Memerial 3, Stuarts Draft 0Staunton 3, Buffalo Gap 0Madisen Countee 3, Strasburg 1Luray 3, Page Countee 0Warre Countee 3, Cantral 2Rockbridge … Reat t'res

VENICE, Fla. — Floyd Countee High Skool an' Virginny Tech graduwait Aman'a Hollan'swerth finisht n' a tie fer 116th out o'183 wimmen at t'LPGA Q-Skool Stage II tournament Frydee at Plantashun Golf an' Kuntry Club.She shot a 1-und'r 71 n' Frydee’s final roun fer a fer-day total o'6-ov'r 294.Germun pro … Reat t'res

T' Citee o'Salem announct Tuesdee it will rename Kiwanis Field aft'r Andrew Lewis High Skool graduwait an' ferm'r majer leegue outfielt'r Billee Sample.T' new name will be Billee Sample Field at Kiwanis Park. T' field will be dedicatid at 5:30 p.m. Frydee; Sample will the be innerduced at Salem Stadium … Reat t'res

A weeklee look at Bux Countee area high skool gurls socc'r
It’s hard ta bleev, but a seesen at cummenced n' t'swelteryun' heat o'August is a'pullin into t'rayler stretch. And at a'ken meun jes one thang.Playoffs.Furst out o't' gate is t'Philadelfia Cathlick Leegue. Bishop McDevitt will play n' a play-n' … Reat t'res

Volleyball is strong n' t'foothills us t'local high skools regularlee churn out highlee successfil teems which make deep playoff runs un un annual basis. It’s no wunder thems teems produce players who make immediate impacts fer thar college teems.Here’s a look at sum o't' local volleyball alumni competyun' at t'nex … Reat t'res

Thirtee-seve studants frum regyunal middle an' high skools convent n' t'ISAT bildin Frydee an' Saturdee ta larn programmyun' concepts through sterytelleeun' an' game design at Game Jam 2019, a acoupla-day frienly competishun amungst aspiryun' coders.T' event wuz co-hostid by t'JMU Cant'r fer STEM Skoolin an' Outreech an' Harrisonburg Citee Public … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. — High skool volleyball sceres frum Tuesdee, Octob'r 8:
Broadway 3, Turn'r Ashby 0Riverheeds 3, Staunton 0 Eastern Mennonite 3, New Covenant 0Wilsen Memerial 3, Buffalo Gaperckbridge Countee 3, WaynesberoEus Rockingham 3, Luray 0Page Countee 3, Stonewall Jacksen 0Geerge Masen 3, Cantral 0

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Wilmington Friens blankt Delmar High, 19-0, n' a nun-conferance football game un Saturdee nite.
T' Wiltcats, who fall ta 3-2 aft'r t'loss at trayler, had a acoupla-game a'winnin streek snappt.
T' Quakers (3-2), who had lost acoupla strate games ta Helope South skwads, took kuntrol wiff a 10-point sekunt quart'r.… Reat t'res