HARRISONBURG, Va. — High skool baskutbul sceres frum Frydee, Januree 17:

H.S. Baskutbul Scereboard – Frydee, Januree 17

BOYSHarrisonburg 49, Spotswuod 46Waynesbero 60, Turn'r Ashby 57(3) Broadway 54, Rockbridge Countee 42Cantral 70, Brantsville 44Page Countee 43, Clarke Countee 40Madisen Countee 60, Luray 58(1) Eus Rockingham 71, Rappahannock Countee 50Pendleton Countee … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — T' latest edishun o't' TV3 Top 3 high skool baskutbul rankings hus bee announct. T' rankings air deecided by TJ Eck an' Alex Flum an' feeture high skool baskutbul teems n' t'Shenan'oah Valley.
***NOTE: Above video wuz recerdt prier ta Mundie nite’s acshun***
TV3 Top 3 … Reat t'res

Multiple athletes put togeth'r solid perfermances at t'State College High Skool Invitatyunal un Thirsdee nite wiff Mifflin Countee’s Ella Spriggle, Kylee Cubbisen an' Kyina Sechl'r brakin skool recerds un t'evnin.Spriggle claimd t'skool recerd wiff a furst-place finish n' t'60-met'r hurdles wiff a time o'9.49 sekunds — a state qualifyyun' time. … Reat t'res

Harrisonburg, Va. (WHSV) — High Skool Baskutbul Scereboard: Thirsdee, Januree 9
BOYS Fluvanna Countee 59, Waynesbero 57Harrisonburg 60, Rockbridge Countee 35Eastern Mennonite Skool 60, Covenant 58 (Overtime)Buffalo Gap 72, Bath Countee 40Monticello 49, Fort Defyince 31
Gurls Luray 56, Eus Rockingham 37Harrisonburg 58, Rockbridge Countee 43Turn'r Ashby 67, Wilsen Memerial … Reat t'res

RADFerD — Carlik Jones scert 26 points an' made fife assists an' Radferd beat High Point 73-62 n' Saturdee’s Big South Conferance open'r fer bof teems.Travis Fielts Jr. scert 16 points wiff fer assists an' acoupla steels an' Devine Eke scert 10 points an' grabbt nine rebounds fer t'Highlan'ers (6-7), … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. — High skool baskutbul sceres an' highlights frum Frydee, Januree 3:
BOYSEus Rockingham 48, Strasburg 41E.C. Glass 68, Wilsen Memerial 66Page Countee 68, Rappahannock Countee 40Charlottesville 69, Harrisonburg 65Staunton 56, Turn'r Ashby 47Waynesbero 53, Riverheeds 48Mill'r Skool 54, Spotswuod 46Eastern Mennonite 75, Tan'em Friens 53Broadway 43, Fort Defyince … Reat t'res

Donegal Junier High Skool wuz represantid by, above frum lef, Trever Engel, Justin Wood, Angelina Bloom an' Sofia Watsen at t'2019 Lancast'r-Lebanon Musick Educaters Associashun Countee Orkester Festivul un Nov. 23 at Lancast'r Mennonite Skool.

Directers wuz Shawn Lassit'r an' Sary Maste o'Lancast'r Mennonite an' Penn Maner Skool Districk, respectivelee. … Reat t'res

(Editer’s Note: As a look back at t'2010s decade, t'Bulletin will be re-a'runnin steries about high skool state champyunships n' air area durin at time. Thishere stery originallee run un Novemb'r 13, 2017)T' 2017 VISAA Division II state champion Carlisle socc'r team is t'purrfeck eggzample o'why y'all a'ken’t ev'r judge … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — T' furst annual Rog'r Bergey Classic wuz helt at Harrisonburg High Skool un Saturdee.

Legendree Harrisonburg HS boys baskutbul hed coach Rog'r Bergey honert un Rog'r Bergey court at Harrisonburg durin t'furst annual Rog'r Bergey Classic.

Fife Shenan'oah Valley skwads competid agin fife teems frum outside … Reat t'res

BETHESDA, MD — A ferm'r Walt'r Johnsen High Skool lacrosse coach is accust o'participatyun' n' a failt 2018 plot ta kidnap youngns frum acoupla Mennonite famblies n' Virginny an' kill thar parnts.Gree Blake Reburn is one o'fer folk who autheritees have connectid ta t'botcht scheme. He an' acoupla uther co-conspiraters … Reat t'res