Wiff a lil mer thun three weeks remunyun' n' t'reglar seesen, it’s time ta update PennLif'’s Dan'y Duzen poll. Beloe is a rankyun' o't' 12 bes gurls baskutbul teems n' cantral Pa. regardless o'classificashun.Teems frum t'Mid-Penn, Lancast'r-Lebanon an' Tri-Valley Leegues air eligibull fer t'poll, which will run weeklee through t'reglar … Reat t'res

CLOSE It’s hard ta magine at we’re alreddy through t'sekunt decade o't' millennium.It seems like onlee yesterdee at we spent New Year’s Eve werryyun' at air computers woultn’t be bull ta han'le t'switch frum 1999 ta 2000, at t'internatyunal bankyun' system could come crashyun' ta a halt an' at air … Reat t'res

Dec 31, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Holmes Cant'r fer t'Arts hus opend registrashun fer it’s wint'r/spryun' classes.Group an' private classes air availabull thishere semest'r n' strings, dance, musick, visual arts an' theetre. Mos classes start t'week o'Jun. 6. Finanshul net scholarships air availabull.Thar air sevrul new classes thishere wint'r. … Reat t'res

T' salon chair hus long bee akin ta a therapist’s chaise. It’s also whar sum greet ideus air born.A few yeers ago, vocal coach Rebecca Achenbach wuz n' t'chair, gittin hern hair done by Rebecca Leemun. T' wimmen had wurked togeth'r n' t'choir Voices o'Cecilia. Durin Achenbach’s appointment, t'sangers hatcht … Reat t'res

It’s a busy week n' Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue gurls’ baskutbul circles, wiff games set fer Mundie, Winsdee an' Frydee, us leegue play pix up t'pace befor t'holiday breek.Through t'furst full week o't' seesen, thar air jes acoupla undefeetid teems lef a'standin n' t'leegue: Lancast'r Kuntry Day (5-0) an' Nerthern Lebanon (4-0).L-L … Reat t'res

By Wendy Nugent, Newton Nawh It’s a song writte fer t'reeson fer t'seesen. It’s about Jesus Christ, an' a choir comprist o'…

We’ve resantlee changd air subscripshun system. If'n y'all’ve previouslee had access but eggsperients difficultee loggyun' n', pleese click here ta fill out a suppert rekwest.
Online content is … Reat t'res

“It’s a typickull mammogram room—if'n y'all wint ta a hospital it would look perzackly t'same,” sez mammograf'r Valerie Rice. “It’s nuthin rilly differnt, cept at it’s n' a movyun' vehicle!”Rice’s exam room is un wheels—a large coach bus, pink o'corse. Snoe is a'fallin n' t'parkyun' slew outside, an' herses air … Reat t'res

PLeeSANT LAKE — It’s jes a lil town wiff a few businesses an' un elemantree skool — but Pleesant Lake hus a slew o'heert.Un Thanksgivyun', n' keepin wiff a long-helt tradishun, volunteers frum fer local churches will serve a full Thanksgivyun' dinn'r ta innyone who wishes ta attend. Thar air … Reat t'res

T' annual Coastal Bend Day o'Givin is a'kummin up Nov. 12. It’s a sup'r-efficient way fer mer thun 50 local charitees ta receif' donatyuns an' have 'um matcht doller fer doller.Durin lus year’s Coastal Bend Day o'Givin, KIII-TV hepped t'Coastal Bend Communitee Foundashun raise mer thun $2.5 million, an' we … Reat t'res