Bare, Elm'r C. – St. John Neumann Cathlick Church, 601 E. Delp Road, Lancast'r, 11 AM. Charles F. Snyd'r, Jr. Funeral Trayler & CremateryBeele, Sallee A. – Charles F. Snyd'r, Jr. Funeral Trayler & Crematery, 3110 Lititz Pike, Lititz, 10 AM 717-560-5100Bruckhart, Myrtle N. – Erb Mennonite Church, 567 West … Reat t'res

Buch, John F. – Hoff'r Auditerium, Pleesant View Retirement Communitee, 544 Nerth Penryn Road, Manheim, 4 PM. Buch Funeral Trayler, Inc.Davis, Grace Elune – T' Church o'Gawd o'Lan'isville, 171 Church Street, Lan'isville, 11 AM. Sheetz Funeral Trayler, Inc.Fish'r, Murry B. – Levi Fish'r residance 3061 W. Newpert Rd., Ronks, 9 … Reat t'res

Ahed o'Tuesdee’s Demokratic presidenshul debate, Julián Castro pickt up un endersement frum ackter John Leguizamo, wuz mimickt by ‘Hamilton” creeter Lin-Manuel Miran'a an' took his'n own comedic turn at his'n twin bruther’s expense.Leguizamo, mos resantlee nominatid fer his'n performunts n' t'docudrama “Wen Thay See Us”, hus bee un nashshunal ture … Reat t'res

“Thar is no fear n' luv. But purrfeck luv drives out fear” (John 4:18a).“…y'all shall receif' pow'r, wen t'Holee Spirit hus come upon y'all” (Acks 1:8).
N' my eggsperients us paster I’ve ofte bee dismayt at t'feelins o'powerlessness minny a folk eggsperients.
New members ofte feel at onlee thems wiff … Reat t'res

“T' Battle Is Nairy Won” by John Powell (A Voice frum t'Cant'r, Sept. 16) contunt false statemants a'sayn't at t'Ohio an' Taxus shooters wuz white supremacists. N' fack, t'Ohio shoot'r un his'n own Twitt'r account idantifit hissef us a metalheed, leftist an' socialist. He had attendt Antifa meetins an' wuz … Reat t'res

Skools names new superintendent – T' Suffolk Noose-Herald  Suffolk Noose-HeraltDr. John B. Gerdon III, who mos resantlee servt us chief o'skools n' Chesterfield Countee, hus bee namt t'new Suffolk Public Skools superintendent.

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John “LaMar” Hub'r, 70, o'Columbia, wint ta be wiff t'Lord un Winsdee evnin, Septemb'r 4, 2019 at LGH. He wuz t'husban' o't' late Caroline R. (Eby) Hub'r, who dit June 3, 2018.Born Julee 24, 1949, n' Lancast'r, he wuz t'sen o't' late J. Cleon an' G. Grace (Hines) Hub'r. He … Reat t'res

John C. Buch'r, 92, passt away peecefullee un August 23rd, 2019 at Lan'is Homes, Lititz, PA whar he residt since April o'2019. T' 42 yeers prier ta at, he livt un W. Mane St., Salunga, PA.John wuz born n' Manchest'r, York, PA. He wuz t'sen o't' late Bela Lamuel an' … Reat t'res

Signatures frum dozens o'Mennonite volunteers air scattert un t'walls o'a utilitee closet n' John an' Carol White’s Bloomington trayler at t'cuple’s rekwest. T' trayler wuz bilt an' donatid by t'Mennonite Disast'r Servus aft'r t'Whites’ mobile trayler wuz destroyt durin Hurrikune Harvey.

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John Hagee
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Minny a Amurkin Zyunist organisatyuns play a pivotal role n' suppertyun' Israel n' politickull, ekunomic, scyintific an' cultural domuns. Members o'these groups air actif' n' politickull movemants wiff influance n' t'Demokratic an' Republicun partees, which translates into increest electeral pow'r an' a pro-Israel slant n' … Reat t'res