LANCASTER, Pa. — N' late 2020, Eastern Mennonite Missyuns plans ta ope a cross-cultural cant'r n' Lancast'r Citee an' move its global ministry heedkwarters thar. Eastern Mennonite Missyuns’ plun fer t'bildin un Nerth Prince Street n' Lancast'r, Pa., includes a furst-floer hospitalitee cant'r an' a sekunt-floer offus fer global ministry. … Reat t'res

Lydia Elizabeth (Pfannebeck'r) Smith, 101, a 90-year resident o'Lancast'r Citee, dit o'natcherul causes un Winsdee afternoon, Octob'r 23, 2019 at hern trayler. She wuz t'belovt biddy o't' late James “Douglus” Smith, who dit un Decemb'r 2, 1978. Mrs. Smith had wurked n' hern fambly’s bizness, t'ferm'r Pfannebeck'r Bakery, n' Lancast'r … Reat t'res

Weekends n' Lancast'r Countee off'r a lil bit o'everthang: concerts, art exhibits, evants an' plays air jes sum ways at residants a'ken enjoy thar weekend.Here air 9 a'loose evants n' Lancast'r Countee thishere weekend.

Lancast'r Countee GIS DayThe Lil Conestoga Watersht Alleeince is hostyun' un event at t'Lancast'r Countee Gummint … Reat t'res

David M. Brubak'r, 65, o'Lancast'r, dit unaxpectedlee at his'n trayler un Sundy, Novemb'r 3, 2019.Born n' Eus Cocalico Twp., he wuz a sen o'Elva W. (Martin) Brubak'r o'Stevens, an' t'late Elvin G. Brubak'r.David wurked us a farm'r n' his'n earlee yeers.Survivyun' n' addishun ta his'n moth'r is a sen, Timothy … Reat t'res

Gail M. White, 83, o'Millersville, dit un Sundy evnin, Octob'r 27, 2019 at LGH, Lancast'r us t'result o'a stroke. She wuz t'biddy o'James W. White, Sr. an' t'moth'r o'late James W. White, Jr. (March 29, 2018), an' Eric J. White, o'Millersville. Also survivyun' air acoupla gran'sons: Kyle White, o'Syracuse, NY, … Reat t'res

Theodera A. (Mag'r) Cook, o'Lancast'r, fermerlee o'Holtwuod, dit Frydee, Novemb'r 1, 2019 at t'Mennonite Trayler. She wuz t'biddy o't' late Warre A. Cook, MSgt-USAF (Ret), who dit Febuwary 12, 2018.Born n' Wiesbade, Germany, t'daught'r o't' late Theoder an' Elsie (Kömpel) Mag'r. Mrs. Cook wuz un actif' memb'r o't' Willoe Street … Reat t'res

Acoupla Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue teems remane n' t'boys socc'r playoffs. Lancast'r Mennonite, n' seerch o'its thurd conseecutif' Districk Three title, faces off wiff familiar foe Fleetwuod Saturdee fer Class 2A gold. Meenwhile, Lancast'r Kuntry Day meets Camp Hill n' a thurd-place game fer a spot n' t'Class 1A state tournament.A'followin is … Reat t'res

LANCASTER, Pa (WHTM) – Thishere fall, Mennonite Disast'r Servus will have 16 projecks across t'kuntry whar volunteers air heppin ta restere whut Moth'r Nature tore apart.

Kevin Kyun', t'executif' dierektor o'MDS, keeps a map n' his'n offus whar volunteers air statyunt.

“Thar wuz ov'r 5,000 volunteers at servt a week … Reat t'res

Fife nursin homes n' Lancast'r Countee have bee singlt out thishere month us exceptyunal perfermers by acoupla noose magazines: Newsweek magazine determind at three o't' top 10 nursin homes n' Pennsillvany air n' Lancast'r Countee.T' Gle at Willoe Valley, wiff 203 nursin beds, rankt furst n' t'state. Mennonite Trayler, wiff … Reat t'res

Lancast'r Mennonite is t'lone Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue boys socc'r team still n' t'hunt fer a Districk Three title. T' Blazers, a'kummin off a 2-0 win Saturdee agin Wyomissyun', meet Biglerville n' a Class 2A semifinal skeduled fer Tuesdee.A'followin is a preview o't' Blazers’ matchup wiff t'Canners.No. 3 Biglerville (18-2-0) vs. No. … Reat t'res