Larry Kliew'r, age 69, o'Hendersen, passt away Saturdee, Decemb'r 7, 2019 at his'n trayler.Funeral Services will be helt at 10:30 a.m.., Winsdee, Dec. 11 at Bethesda Mennonite Church n' Hendersen. Rev. Seth Mill'r will officiate. Intarment will be n' t'Bethesda Mennonite Cemetery n' Hendersen. Visitashun will be frum 5-7 p.m., … Reat t'res

Norml — Eve n' a trayler o'faith, Larry Schrad'r fact sum skepticism about solar pow'r.”We wuz bull ta bank enough n' Septemb'r ta account fer whut we ust, so air base bill wuz a lil und'r $35. At’s t'met'r charge. … T' associate paster sed, ‘I wuz blown away wen … Reat t'res

Melta an' Larry Rich'r

Larry an' Melta Rich'r air celebratin 50 yeers o'marrd life togeth'r thishere year.
Larry A. Rich'r an' Melta K. Nafzig'r wuz marrd un Sept. 13, 1969 n' Archbold. Charles Gautsche perfermt t'7:30 p.m. ceremony at Cantral Mennonite Church wiff Esth'r Nafzig'r Bad'rtsch'r servin us maid o'honer … Reat t'res

Larry an' Melta RicherLarry an' Melta Rich'r, Wauseon, air celebratin thar 50th weddyun' anniversree.Larry A. Rich'r an' Melta K. Nafzig'r wuz marrd un Sept. 13, 1969, at Cantral Mennonite Church…

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Julesburg Mennonite ChurchOn Sundy Paster Larry spoke un “T' Church”Whut is meent by “T' Church?”  T' Church is a term ofte ust n' modern day ta describe a bildin y'all go ta fellowship, praise an' wership, hear Gawd’s wurd, er ta have a weddyun' er a funeral. Efesyins 1:22 an' … Reat t'res

Larry Folsom, 68, dit Frydee, Julee 19, at his'n trayler n' Albany. A celebrashun o'life will be helt at 2 p.m. un August 3, 2019 at 36083 Folsom Road SE, Albany. T' celebrashun will be fallerd by a Flag Ceremony across t'street at 36053 Folsom Road SE an' separate receptyuns … Reat t'res

Larry Bleiberg, Speshul ta USA TODAY
Publisht 11:58 a.m. ET Julee 23, 2019 | Updatid 12:28 p.m. ET Julee 23, 2019AutoplayShoe ThumbnailsShoe CaptyunsLus SlideNaxt SlidePublic markets off'r un easy way ta git t'flaver o'a citee. Ofte histeric lan'marks, thay sell regyunal produce an' products an' off'r nuff o'dinin optyuns. N' … Reat t'res