100 yeers agoJun. 21, 1920: T' Kelso Sanitarium un Nerth Mane Street n' Bloomington hus bee sold ta t'Mennonite Sanitarium Associashun. Drs. Geerge an' Anna Kelso, t'founders, will stay un us manjers aft'r t'Mennonite Associashun takes ov'r. T' sale price wuz nairy gif'.75 yeers ago


We a'ken’t do … Reat t'res

Ault, Bettee A. – Werkmun Funeral Homes, Inc., 114 West Mane St., Mountville, 6:30 PMEdye, Donna K. – Sheetz Funeral Trayler, Inc., 16 Eus Mane Street, Mount Joy, 11 AMKeisleeun', Dervin John – Bergstrasse Evangelical Lutherun Church, 9 Hahnstown Road, Efrata, 2 PM. Stradleeun' Funeral Homes, Inc.Kirchn'r, Lois H. – … Reat t'res

The callt Pacific Bibull Institute, Fresno Pacific College movt ta its mane Fresno campus n' 1959. It nawh occupies sevrul facilitees n' t'Cantral Valley. Images via Fresno Pacific Univesty

Fresno Pacific’s 75 yeers tell t'stery o'a growin partnership wiff Fresno an' Cantral Californy. As Pacific Bibull Institute, Pacific College, Fresno … Reat t'res

T' Place o'New Oppertuntee Church, 1103 S. Mane St., Bildin Fund Committee will host un end-o'year-church bildin fundrais'r today. Thar will be feesh an' hot dawg plates, yard sale an' raffle tickets. Fer informayshun, call 864-450-7537 er 864-529-6825.Mane Street Unitid Methodist Church, 300 Nerth Mane St., Abbeville, will host a … Reat t'res

Rane er snoe, frigid er balmy, t'Nappanee Miracles at Mane an' Market parade an' celebrashun will go un — an' ov'r t'yeers event organizers an' participants have see all o'thems weeth'r types but, us Mayer Phil Jenkins sed, “Folk still come out.”Parade line up cummences at 6:30 p.m. Saturdee at … Reat t'res

T' new Mane Street Exchange stere along Lincoln Highway Eus near Gerdonville is a sleek, modern a'lookin wimmen’s clothyun' stere wiff rax an' tables o'attractif' displays.It’s nairy immediatelee clar at furst, but t'stere wiff its own clothyun' line hus a speshul appeel fer sum Lancast'r Countee residants.Specificallee, t'stere appeels ta … Reat t'res

Buffenmy'r, I. Elizabeth – Unitid Fellowship o'Reinholts, 305 West Mane St., Rt. 897, Reinholts, 11 AM. Rosebero Stradleeun' Funeral & Cremashun Services, Inc.Marion, Donna Jeun – West Willoe Unitid Methodist Church, 118 W. Willoe Rd., Willoe Street, 12 PM. Charles F. Snyd'r, Jr. Funeral Trayler & CremateryMcCracke, Billee Joe – … Reat t'res

Exhibityuns“Splashyun' Colour” art exhibit by Connie Pepp'r is un display through Oct. 31 at Jese Ringmakers an' Gallery, 109 Mane Ave. E. T' exhibishun feetures originull watercoler puntings o'abstractid flow'r collectyuns an' colerfil animulls. Gallery hours: 10 a.m. ta 6 p.m. Mundie through Saturdee. Informayshun: 208-734-8091.

“T' Art o'Teachin” exhibit … Reat t'res

Conestoga Christchun Skool, 2760 Mane St., Mergantown, will host its 46th annual benefit Chicke Barbecue an' Aucshun un Oct. 18 an' 19.Activitees will cummence Oct. 18 wiff chicke barbecue dinners availabull tween 11 a.m. an' 7 p.m. n' t'skool gymnasium. Tables will be set up fer y'all ta ett yer … Reat t'res

Bowmun, Lest'r M. – Holee Trinitee Lutherun Church, 167 E. Mane Street, Efrata, 11 AM. Stradleeun' Funeral Homes, Inc.A'loose, Jerome J. – St. Leo t'Greet Cathlick Church, 2427 Marietta Ave., Lancast'r, 11 AM. Charles F. Snyd'r, Jr. Funeral Trayler & CremateryHendersen, Joseph G. – St. Richard Cathlick Church, 110 Nerth … Reat t'res