Public meetin today un Bizness 50 impervemantsThe citee o'Washington will conduck a public meetin today, Oct. 16, at 6:30 p.m. regardyun' t'propost utilitee an' roadway impervemants bein propost fer Bizness 50 n' Washington at t'Washington Communitee Bildin locatid at 501 Burkhart Dr.Fielts o'Faith event helt at skools today
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T' Mergun Baptist Associashun will celebrate its 100th anniversree Oct. 28 wiff a meetin at 4 p.m. 
T' meetin will be helt at t'Furst Baptist Church n' Hartselle. T' guest speek'r will be t'Rev. Junier Hill, an' dinn'r will be servt at 5:30 p.m. 
Fer mer informayshun call 256-773-5243.
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Wen: Supervisers meetin, Oct. 1.Whut happent: T' board appervt waivers, a'lettin un organic chicke processyun' bizness ta move ferward wiff its development plans at 501 Alaxan'r Drif', Efrata.Background: T' township Zonyun' Herin Board appervt t'propertee’s use us a chicke processyun' plant n' 2017.

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BRANTFerD, Ont. — Fer Tim­othy Khoo, meetin survivers o'a residenshul skool made histry personal.“Thar air names an' faces,” he sed. “It’s nairy jes taxtbook informayshun nawh.”
Geronimo Henry, a surviver o't' ferm'r Mohawk Institute Residenshul Skool n' Brantferd, Ont., sez o'his'n eggsperients at t'skool, “I find it hard ta fergif'. … Reat t'res

Bluffton council’s streets an' alleys committee coverd 18 topicks n' its 77-minnut meetin un Sept. 4.Amungst items un its agenda includt un agreement – appervt by t'full council un Sept. 9 –  ta remoov “No parkyun' 3 ta 5 a.m. – without permit” signs un 10 village streets.
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Cemetery meetin set fer Sept. 16MILLERSBURG — T' annual Clintun Mennonite Cemetery Associashun will meet at 7 p.m. Sept. 16 at Clintun Mennonite Cemetery. T' cemetery is locatid 4 1/2 miles nerth o'Millersburg, along Ind. 13. T' public an' slew owners air invitid ta attend t'meetin. T' group will meet … Reat t'res

ABBOTSFerD, B.C. — “Syun' a new church into bein,” sang t'300-plus folk who gathert fer t'furst natyunwide meetin o'Mennonite Church Canada since its restructuryun' n' 2017.Behin t'blendt voices wuz a vishun, “Ignityun' t'Imaginashun o't' Church,” t'heme o'Gatheryun' 2019, June 28-Julee 1.
Darryl Neu­staedt'r Barg, Bruno Cavalca, John Brin'r (hidde behin … Reat t'res