I write un behalf o'Willoe Avenue Mennonite Church n' Clovis, Calif., an' wiff t'endersement o'air church council n' response ta “Consultashun Offers Peece-Church Voice un Militree Servus.” Furst, I am gratefil at t'U.S. Conferance o'Mennonite Brethre Churches nashshunal dierektor, Don Merris, hus writte ta USMB church leeders splainin at he … Reat t'res

T' U.S. Conferance o'Mennonite Brethre Churches’ refusal ta ack n' solidaritee wiff virtuallee all uther Mennonite groups n' attemptyun' ta influance t'Nashshunal Commission un Militree, Nashshunal an' Public Servus is proof o'hoe fur t'MBs have retreetid frum air Anabaptist roots (“Consultashun Offers Peece-Church Voice un Militree Servus,” Oct. 14).Ta splain … Reat t'res

LANCASTER, Pa. — N' late 2020, Eastern Mennonite Missyuns plans ta ope a cross-cultural cant'r n' Lancast'r Citee an' move its global ministry heedkwarters thar. Eastern Mennonite Missyuns’ plun fer t'bildin un Nerth Prince Street n' Lancast'r, Pa., includes a furst-floer hospitalitee cant'r an' a sekunt-floer offus fer global ministry. … Reat t'res

T' reunion o'Frankunia an' Eastern Districk conferences duz mer thun simplify t'map o'Mennonite Church USA. Heelin a 172-year split, it revives a 19th-centry vishun o'unitee an' shows ­hoe new coalityuns a'ken model rekunciliashun n' a ­polar­izt time.T' vishun o'unitee belongt ta John H. Ob'rholtz'r, who lef Frankunia Mennonite Conferance ta … Reat t'res

Sevrul Mennonite organizatyuns air n' t'process o'raisyun' money fer a memerial n' Zaperizhzhya, Ukrune, ta display desekratid tombstones recovert frum t'foundashun o'un ol' bildin thar. Thems gravestones wuz discuverd a cuple o'munths ago wen t'bildin wuz bein demolisht n' t'village o'Chertitza, which is nawh part o'Zaperizhzhya. Histeryins say it wuz … Reat t'res

At t'13th annual Fair Trade Market, hostid by t'Koloradie Springs Beth-El Mennonite Church Saturdee, hundreds o'shoppers foun Christmus gifts at wuz nairy onlee one-o'-a-kine products, but also kum frum ethical sourcyun'.Proceeds frum t'12 fair trade venders wint toward t'Mennonite Disast'r Servus, a volunte'r netwerk o'Anabaptist churches at responds ta disasters … Reat t'res

MOUNTAIN LAKE — T' Mountane Lake-Area Relief Committee will host t'Mennonite Cantral Committee (MCC) mobile meat cann'r un Nov. 14-15.
All air invitid ta join n' a projeck ta a'ken 12,000 pounds o'poultry meat, which will be sent us relief aid “n' t'name o'Christ” roun t'Unitid States an' worl. Folk … Reat t'res

N' a plite nod ta Remembrance Day, t'Mennonite Heritage Village is openyun' up a temperree exhibit un Worl War One.
Museum Curater Andrea Dyck sez t'display looks at t'stery o'Mennonites who peecefullee objectid ta war.
“It expleres t'histry we have us Mennonites o'nun-resistance an' nun-vilence, whut air posityuns wuz n' … Reat t'res

Illustrashun: JuanLuddTo t'Mexicun Gummint, Multinatyunal Cerporatyuns, Tourist Industry, an' Mennonite Leedership,

We write n' suppert o't' Mayun activists n' t'Yucatán who air opposyun' t'destrucshun wrouite by t'“Maya Trane,” by plannd urbanizashun o't' Yucatán, intensif' pig farmyun', large solar an' wind farms. These projecks threete ta destroy Mayun lan's an' sacrt … Reat t'res

By Blake Spurney Hesston Recerd Staff Mennonite farmyun' heritage runs deep n' Tom Schrag, so much so at he spent 41 yeers designyun' farm…

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