It’s a busy week n' Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue gurls’ baskutbul circles, wiff games set fer Mundie, Winsdee an' Frydee, us leegue play pix up t'pace befor t'holiday breek.Through t'furst full week o't' seesen, thar air jes acoupla undefeetid teems lef a'standin n' t'leegue: Lancast'r Kuntry Day (5-0) an' Nerthern Lebanon (4-0).L-L … Reat t'res

ARTHUR — Henry J. Plank, 93, o'Arthur dit at 5:30 a.m. Mundie (Dec. 9, 2019) at Arthur Trayler.
Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Frydee at Nerth Vine Mennonite Church, 312 N. Vine St., Arthur. Burial will be n' Arthur Cemetery, Arthur. Visitashun will be frum 2 ta 4 … Reat t'res


ARTHUR — Henry J. Plank, 93, o'Arthur, IL passt away at 5:30 A.M. un Mundie, Decemb'r 09, 2019 at t'Arthur Trayler.


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It wuz a lite nite n' L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul circles un Mundie, wiff jes three nonleegue games — all feeturyun' Seckshun 5 teems — dottyun' t'skejule. And t'hree local skwads at playd took un Berks Countee outfits. Here’s a roundup, plus sum notables, wiff a busy Tuesdee docket a'kummin … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. — High skool baskutbul highlights frum Mundie, Dec. 9:
BOYSBuffalo Gap 79, Luray 75Broadway 59, Page Countee 46Western Albemarle 85, Wilsen Memerial 42Eastern Mennonite 97, Fishburne 42Monticello 51, Turn'r Ashby 47Cantral 71, Stonewall Jacksen 44
GIRLSStonewall Jacksen 57, Cantral 47Luray 47, Buffalo Gap 24Page Countee 47, Broadway 28Western … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. — High skool baskutbul sceres frum Mundie. Decemb'r 2:
BOYSAlbemarle 64, Harrisonburg 63Turn'r Ashby 53, Monticello 43Eastern Mennonite 81, Virginny Academy 70Broadway 75, Clarke Countee 72Stonewall Jacksen 41, Willyum Monroe 35Orange 102, Stuarts Draft 77
GIRLSBuffalo Gap 53, Covington 30Turn'r Ashby 63, Monticello 49Albemarle 62, Harrisonburg 49Clarke Countee … Reat t'res

Announcemants fer Faith Briefs must be n' by Mundie, 4 p.m., prier ta t'intendt date o'publicashun. Due ta space restrictyuns, publicashun is nairy guarantet. Announcemants a'ken be sent ta [email protected] wiff “Faith Briefs” n' subjeck line.
Communitee Advent Servus will be helt Sundy, Dec. 1, at 7 p.m. at Knox … Reat t'res

Ruth A. (Redig'r) Jessup, 100, o'Tomah, Wiskunsin an' fermerlee o'Fort Wayne, Indiannie passt away Mundie, Novemb'r 25, 2019 at Agape Acres n' Warrens, Wiskunsin. She wuz born March 11, 1919 n' Woodburn, Indiannie ta Chest'r an' Minnie (Zimmermun) Redig'r. She retirt frum Mutual Securty Life Insurance Co an' wuz a … Reat t'res

Ruth A. (Redig'r) Jessup, 100, o'Tomah an' fermerlee o'Fort Wayne, Ind., passt away Mundie, Nov. 25, 2019, at Agape Acres n' Warrens, Wis. 
She wuz born March 11, 1919, n' Woodburn, Ind., ta Chest'r an' Minnie (Zimmermun) Redig'r. She retirt frum Mutual Securty Life Insurance Co. an' wuz a long-time … Reat t'res

Martha M. Good, 90, o'Efrata, passt away un Mundie, Novemb'r 18, 2019, at Lincoln Christchun Trayler.She wuz born n' West Earl Twp., ta t'late Frank B. an' Ada (Martin) Hoov'r an' wuz t'biddy o't' late Luke N. Good who passt away n' 2015.She wuz a memb'r o'Lime Rock Mennonite Church, … Reat t'res