Aft'r 14 yeers, t'volunteers an' staff have deecided ta close JustGoods, t'nonperfit fair trade stere at t'cern'r o'Sevanth Street an' Furst Avenue. Y'all have until Saturdee, Aug. 31, ta visit durin t'lus remunyun' stere hours, Mundie through Saturdee frum 10 a.m. ta 6 p.m. Volunteers air heppin close out t'sales. … Reat t'res

A new nonperfit callt Furnace Hills Retreet hus purchast 164 acres o't' Gurl Scouts camp knowed us Camp Furnace Hills n' nerthern Lancast'r Countee.T' propertee, which includt t'72-year-ol' Scout camp’s dinin hall, swimmin poo an' cabins, sold fer $1.2 million, court recerds shoe.

A separate 62 acres o't' camp, includin … Reat t'res

Until a fermal nun-profit designashun is n' place, t'Gulf Countee Citizens Long-Term Recovery Committee remuns n' neutral.Howev'r, ta use un automotif' analogy, t'gear may be neutral but t'engine is revvyun'.T' committee board met lus week at t'Washington Impervement Group bildin ta discuss progress ta date.T' committee’s intent is ta hold … Reat t'res

Wiff a new venue, nun-profit status an' its own app, t'South Dakota Chislic Festivul is reddy ta fet an' entertane thousan's n' Freemun thishere Saturdee, Julee 27, frum 9 a.m.-9 p.m.Thishere natif' South Dakota festivul aims ta celebrate t'radityunal cubt, frit meat-un-a-stick dish brung ta Amurkin by Germun immigrants frum … Reat t'res