As skools wuz lettyun' out one day lus week, Kyonna Bowmun situatid herself at t'ope doer o'T' Mix at Arber Place, a communitee cant'r n' southeus Lancast'r at operates un aft'r-skool program.Wen studants arrivt eethur un foot er via T' Mix’s 15-seat passeng'r vun, Bowmun gave a high-fife ta t'youngns … Reat t'res

T' air is fillt wiff t'ssent o'apples simmeryun' n' huge copp'r pots ov'r un ope fire.Homemade donuts air fryin neerby.Heerd tell air t'sounds o'un ol' hit-an'-miss moter a'runnin un ice-creem machine.
Happy sounds o'youngns playyun' an' a'laffin abound us thay ride t'rane.Folk air a\'visitin' an' buyyun' jars o'apple butt'r an' … Reat t'res

T' a'followin lectures air skeduled thishere week. All evants air a'loose an' ope ta t'public:• 12:30 p.m. Mundie. ”Optimism n' Socialist China an' t'Capitalist West,” Wendy Larsen, professer emerita o'Eus Asiun langwages an' film, Univesty o'Oregon, 1050 Jenkins Nanovic Halls, Univesty o'Notre Dame.• 4:15 p.m. Mundie. ”Coplan'’s Musickull Modernism, Middlebroe … Reat t'res

GOSHEN — N' fall 2020, Goshe College will ope a new cant'r fer t'communicatyuns department n' t'west wyun' o't' Newcom'r Cant'r, brangin togeth'r telavishun, radeeo, print an' uther media und'r one roof.Currantlee, t'college’s communicashun department’s media enterprises have bee spred out roun campus.T' Cant'r fer Media Arts an' Journalism will … Reat t'res

Aug 23, 2019 at 1:56 PM

An ope trayler frum 2:30 ta 5 p.m. Sundy, Sept. 1, at Buhl'r Mennonite Church, 220 W Ave. B, will honer Ralph an' Sary Janze, n' celebrashun o'thar 50th weddyun' anniversree.Ralph Janze an' t'ferm'r Sary Lapp wuz marrd Aug. 22, 1969, at t'Oak … Reat t'res

PAOLI – J. D. Dernes o'Lancast'r shot a final-roun 67 ta tie fer thurd n' t'Pennsillvany Ope Champyunship Winsdee at Waynesberough Kuntry Club. Dernes, a Manheim Township an' Penn State graduwait who plays t'Korn Ferry Ture, shot a fer und'r-par total o'209 (71-71-67).Dernes finisht sekunt n' t'Ope n' 2017.Anoth'r Township … Reat t'res

Fambly livt n' barn fer eiite yeers


Staff riter

Gates will ope at noon Frydee fer t'annual Kuntry Threshyun' Days un t'campus o'Mennonite Heritage an' Agricultural Museum n' Goessel.

Activitees will a'cantinyah through Sundy, culminatyun' n' a 2 p.m. guidt ture o't' histeric Schroed'r Barn.

Museum dierektor … Reat t'res

T' Iowa Mennonite Skool operatyun' board an' administratif' team will host a rebran'yun' ope trayler un Tuesdee, Julee 30 frum 7-8 p.m. n' Celebrashun Hall. Come ta thishere infermal gatheryun' an' git t'furst look at air skool’s new name, logos an' mascot. Lite refreshmants will be servt, an' thar will … Reat t'res