T' so-callt “Paxton boys” marcht un thishere citee, whar Meraviun an' Lenape peoples would be internt fer mer thun a year. Quakers enlistid n' a militia ta defend t'citee frum these marchers. And at mos ikunic Philadelfiun, Benjamin Franklin, intervent ta disban' t'mob an' inaugurate one o'colonial Amurka’s furst majer … Reat t'res

Minny a Christchun churches have pallgized fer thar role n' t'oppression o'Indigenyus peoples. T' Mennonite Church hus gone one step futher by publishyun' a book––a courageyus seerch fer whut rekunciliashun mite look like.
Buffalo Holler, Salmon Cry: Conversayshuns un Creeshun, Lan', Justus an' Life Togeth'r, is editid by Steve Heinrichs, … Reat t'res