By Janice Schlau
Mer thun half o't' week wint by wen I receivt a text an' a photo o'folks I didn’t recognize. Thishere must be sum mistake, I thunk, until I peert hard, reelizyun' thishere wuz rilly a dear long-lost frien.
Reechyun' back mer thun 20, no, mer thun 30, … Reat t'res

Jurnl photo by Jeremy BurnhamA pair o'hard wurkers churn apple butt'r durin t'42nd annual Mennonite Kuntry Aucshun un Oct. 5. T' aucshun raist ov'r $100,000.Hundreds o'folk frum Adams, Lincoln an' surroundyun' countees drove out ta t'Menno Mennonite Church un Oct. 5 fer t'42nd Annual Mennonite Kuntry Aucshun. Tween booth sales … Reat t'res

Santinel photo by MIKE GOSS Juniata Mennonite’s Peyton Burd, rite, haids t'ball pus Davi Ort o'Mifflin Countee Christchun Academy Thirsdee n' McAlisterville.MCALISTERVILLE — Juniata Mennonite wasn’t goin ta alloe Mifflin Countee Christchun ta put a damp'r un its furst homecomyun' us t'Lyuns defeetid t'Eagles 2-0 n' gurls socc'r acshun Thirsdee … Reat t'res

Santinel photo by MIKE GOSS Juniata Mennonite’s Joel Kell (12) leeps ov'r Belleville Mennonite goalie Rhiley Parks us he makes a save.MCALISTERVILLE — Juniata Mennonite defeetid Belleville Mennonite 4-0 n' a physical Allegheny Christchun Athletic Associashun boys socc'r game Thirsdee.“It wuz a good win — it wuz un intense game … Reat t'res

Santinel photo by JEFF FISHBEIN Belleville Mennonite’s David Yod'r, back, fites ta take t'ball away frum Nerthumberlan' Christchun’s Aaron Knauss Tuesdee.BELLEVILLE — T' furst 25 minnuts o't' boys socc'r game tween Belleville Mennonite an' Nerthumberlan' Christchun wuz a nightmare fer t'Thund'r.T' Warryers scert six goals n' at spun, includin three … Reat t'res

. (Photo: .)T' Cantral York Panthers fell jes acoupla shots shert o'thar thurd Districk 3 Class 3-A team golf champyunship n' fer yeers un Tuesdee.Cantral finisht wiff a 307 total, wile Cumberlan' Valley claimd t'3-A team crown wiff a 305 total at Briarwuod Eus Golf Corse.It wuz t'sekunt strate runn'r-up … Reat t'res

97/16 photo by Brent Braate
Dyine Fairservice frum Westwuod Mennonite Brethre Church shows sum o't' bakt goods at will be availabull at thar Fall Fair un Saturdee.

articull continues beloe

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97/16 staff
Orchard fresh apples, farm'r sausage an' a heertee bowl o'berscht a'ken oncet agin be foun at … Reat t'res

Photo courtesy o'New Dawn Educare Cant'r

Taipei, Sept. 26 (CNA) Cunadiun paster Otto Dirks, found'r o't' Taiwun Mennonite New Dawn Educare Cant'r, dit Mundie at t'age o'85 n' Canada, t'cant'r confirmt Winsdee.Accerdyun' ta t'Canada Obituaries un Tuesdee, Dirks passt away at Bethania Personal Keer Trayler n' Winnipeg t'previyus day.N' 1977, … Reat t'res

Ed Byers poses fer a photo at Cunadiun Blood Services n' Ottawa Mundie Sept 23, 2019.

Tony Caltwell / Postmedia

Givin blood is givin life, Ed Byers tells it, an' us a paramedic fer mer thun 30 yeers, he would knoe.About t'good saves, about t'errbull turns, like t'lus call he … Reat t'res

Looks frum t'Gucci spryun' 2020 colleckshun, which showd durin Milun Fashun Week.
Photo: Gettee Images

Un Sundy, Gucci clost Milun Fashun Week wiff t'crack o'a whip.

A sign at t'entrance o't' cumpny’s Milun heedkwarters, knowed us t'Gucci Hub, hintid at whut wuz ta come: “Gucci Orgasmikwe.” Whut could it meun? … Reat t'res