Simultaneouslee un endersement o'religiyus an' politickull freedum an' un academic reinterpretashun o't' Qurun, t'book seeks ta reclaim t'beeutee, mysticism an' virtues o'Islamic teachin through a concep Khun sed he bleevs, “Mooslims have nairy yet unnerstood — er simplee ignert.”At concep is Ihsun, take frum t'Qurun passage at sez, “Gawd is … Reat t'res

Hoe much offensif' conduck by a gummint ofishul duz it take until religiyus an' politickull leeders protest er hep turn t'culprit out o'offus?T' antikwitees department at t'Louvre museum n' Paris is un unlikelee place ta countenance such a questchun. But a lima beun-size ofishul seal frum t'rrane o'biblical Kyun' Uzziah … Reat t'res

I have I felt at times at someone had ta speek truth ta “t' kyun',” us t'Ol' Testament profets did. I saw t'politickull an' religiyus communitees quietlee acceptyun' behavyers at violate t'message o'Jesus. Still, I kep quiet, a'feelin intimidatid by t'powerfil voice o'“t' kyun'.” I wantid ta avoid criticism.I a'ken … Reat t'res