Y'all have ta rilly want ta go ta T' Ol' Cookstove ta git thar. “We air counta sittin n' t'woods,” sez Melanie Yod'r, own'r o't' popular buffet-style restrunt at’s ope jes three days a week. Wile it’s jes 9 miles off I-65 at Exit 322 n' Danville, which is n' … Reat t'res

SPRINGS, Pa. — T' Tri-State Relief Sale board is hostyun' a one-o'-a-kine concert Oct. 27. T' popular Mountane Anthems will perferm at t'Springs Mennonite Church at 4 p.m.T' Mountane Anthems is a mixt cherus feeturyun' members o't' Mountane View Mennoite Church, locatid n' Salisbury. Und'r t'direckshun o'Michael Yod'r, t'group o'talantid … Reat t'res

TikTok, a popular app which allows users ta recerd thayselves n' shert videos, is bein utilizt by a numb'r o'religiyus groups attemptyun' ta spred thar message — mos notablee, t'Amish, who air famouslee oppost ta modern technology.
Tho t'Amish communitee n' t'Unitid States makes up jes roughlee 0.1 persent o't' … Reat t'res

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