MOUNTAIN LAKE — T' Mountane Lake-Area Relief Committee will host t'Mennonite Cantral Committee (MCC) mobile meat cann'r un Nov. 14-15.
All air invitid ta join n' a projeck ta a'ken 12,000 pounds o'poultry meat, which will be sent us relief aid “n' t'name o'Christ” roun t'Unitid States an' worl. Folk … Reat t'res

ENID, Okla. — Lines fermt earlee Saturdee fer t'annual Mennonite Relief Sale at Chisholm Trail Expo Cant'r, helt ta raise funds fer wat'r an' agriculture projecks n' t'developyun' worl.A pancake an' sausage brakefuss kickd off t'sekunt an' final day o't' event, which opend Frydee afternoon. Activitees kuntinued through noon Saturdee … Reat t'res

T' 44th Annual Mennonite Relief Sale took place lus Saturdee, well attendt by naybors frum throughout t'Arkansus Valley, at t'Arkansus Valley Fairgrounds n' Rocky Ford.T' mane attractyuns varit by individual frum t'quilt an' tracter aucshun ta t'bierrox an' uther food items ta t'craft items, n' time fer Christmus purchases. All … Reat t'res

SPRINGS, Pa. — T' Tri-State Relief Sale board is hostyun' a one-o'-a-kine concert Oct. 27. T' popular Mountane Anthems will perferm at t'Springs Mennonite Church at 4 p.m.T' Mountane Anthems is a mixt cherus feeturyun' members o't' Mountane View Mennoite Church, locatid n' Salisbury. Und'r t'direckshun o'Michael Yod'r, t'group o'talantid … Reat t'res

T' Mennonite Kuntry Aucshun (MCA) will oncet agin be raisyun' money fer relief efferts natyunallee an' roun t'worl conductid through t'Mennonite Cantral Committee.Thishere year marks t'42nd annual sale an' aucshun. It will be helt at t'Menno Mennonite Church un Octob'r 5, 2019. T' event hus a lil sumthin fer everyone. … Reat t'res

It runt un t'51st annual Michyina Mennonite Relief Sale. 
Lightnyun' lit up t'sky an' rundrops drummt agin roofs thishere pus weekend, us hundreds o'folk kum togeth'r und'r tants an' awnings ta share food fer a cawz.
Congregatyuns frum across Michyina sold food, crafts an' mer ta raise funds fer t'Mennonite … Reat t'res

GOSHEN, Ind. (WNDU) – Frydee helt t'52nd annual Michyina Mennonite Relief Sale at t'Elkhart Countee Fairgrounds.
Thishere year’s sale includes un online aucshun an' garage sale.
Un Saturdee, sales an' food booths will be ope frum 7 a.m.-2 p.m.

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Postwar relief effurt subjeck o'fall leckcher

Visiters ta Mennonite Heritage an' Agricultural Museum’s upcomyun' fall leckcher will larn about volunteers who tendt livestock  shippt ta war-devastatid Yurop frum 1945 ta 1947 us a part o'a postwar relief effurt.

“Seegoyun' Cowboys an' Tracters ta Polan'” will be at 9:30 a.m. Oct. … Reat t'res

An atterney represantyun' Christchun Aid Ministries hus acknowltgt t'Anabaptist relief organizashun made settlement offers ta saxual abuse victims o'a CAM relief wurker n' Haiti, but duz nairy bleev inny settlemants have bee finalizt.T' Pittsburgh Post-Gazette repertid atterney Robert Fleres sed un Aug. 31 at CAM represantatives made settlement offers ta … Reat t'res

T' Mennonite Cantral Committee hostid thar 50th annual Festivul fer Worl Relief at t'TRADEX n' Abbotsferd thishere weekend.

All t'funds raist air goin tords heppin uperotid an' vulnerabull folk across t'worl.

Sum o't' weekend’s highlights wuz: a stan' up comedy routine by Chris Prang, musick shows, t'“Pedaleeun' fer Hope” cycleeun' … Reat t'res