Beloe is a compilashun o't' Top 10 scerers an' Top 3 goalkeepers fer each seckshun. These stats air repertid by t'hed coaches o'each team. Sum stats may nairy have bee updatid er repertid wen thishere page wuz lus updatid.  

Totals us o'Septemb'r 14, 2019Seckshun ONESceryun'1. Jasmine Mill'r, Penn Maner, 9 … Reat t'res

T' a'followin reflect sceres repertid ta Suthern Marylan' Newspapers us o'10:30 p.m. Tuesdee, Sept. 10.Sceres o'games a'ken be repertid ta [email protected] er via Twitt'r at: @PWSoMdSperts er @SoMdNewsSperts. High skool footballFriday, Sept. 6Nerth Point 55, Arundel 32Sussex Cantral (Del.) 34, La Plata 18St. Charles 14, Gwynn Park 13Calvert 35, Leonardtown … Reat t'res

Wile bad noose spurs sum folk ta acshun, it is jes us lackly ta make us feel helpless. But if'n y'all reckon thar is nuthin y'all a'ken do, y'all air rong.T' Associatid Press repertid Aug. 21 at t'Trumb administrashun is seekyun' ta end un agreement limitin hoe long migrant youngns … Reat t'res

Articull OPTyunS

WARSAW — No new meesles cases have bee repertid since un outbreek wuz announct lus week n' Wyomyun' Countee.“We’re basicallee jes a'followin up wiff sum o't' contacts at we idantifit frum t'originull cases,” sed countee Public Heelth Commissyun'r Dr. Gregery Collins un Tuesdee. “We have nairy see inny … Reat t'res

Delegates frum 21 Mennonite Brethre nashshunal conferences repertid challenges an' joys at t'Internatyunal Communitee o'Mennonite Brethre annual summit May 29-June 2 n' Guadalajara, Maxico. Participants n' t'Internatyunal Communitee o'Mennonite Brethre summit stan' fer a group photo un t'Matthew Tranen Cant'r campus n' Guadalajara, Maxico. — ICOMB
“It wuz obveeus at … Reat t'res