ENID, Okla. — Lines fermt earlee Saturdee fer t'annual Mennonite Relief Sale at Chisholm Trail Expo Cant'r, helt ta raise funds fer wat'r an' agriculture projecks n' t'developyun' worl.A pancake an' sausage brakefuss kickd off t'sekunt an' final day o't' event, which opend Frydee afternoon. Activitees kuntinued through noon Saturdee … Reat t'res

Blackwat'r Chapel Unitid Methodist Church will host its annual Lord’s Acre Sale an' Dinn'r un Saturdee, Nov. 2. Fer a a'loose will donashun, thay will serve a buffet-style dinn'r frum 11:30 a.m. ta 12:45 p.m. An aucshun will cummence at apperximatelee 1 p.m. wiff Sam Treloe presidyun'. A wide varietee … Reat t'res

T' 44th Annual Mennonite Relief Sale took place lus Saturdee, well attendt by naybors frum throughout t'Arkansus Valley, at t'Arkansus Valley Fairgrounds n' Rocky Ford.T' mane attractyuns varit by individual frum t'quilt an' tracter aucshun ta t'bierrox an' uther food items ta t'craft items, n' time fer Christmus purchases. All … Reat t'res

Facebook tole me t'estate sale would have primitives. Sevrul days lat'r, Facebook addt “cinnamon rolls.”I would be thar.
I don’t net inny mer stuff, primitif' er nairy. I definitly don’t net anoth'r cinnamon roll n' my bodee. Thar air enough rolls us it is.
But I wuz thar. A'walkin amungst … Reat t'res

Plannin fer t'64th Annual Pleesantview Trayler Benefit Sale is n' full swang.Plannin fer a new event hus also bee un t'minds o't' benefit steeryun' committee. Tickets ta “Deck t'Halls: An Evnin o'Dinn'r an' Musick” will be sold at t'lif' aucshun. 
Thishere celebrashun o'Christmus will be un Dec. 12, 6:30 p.m. … Reat t'res

SPRINGS, Pa. — T' Tri-State Relief Sale board is hostyun' a one-o'-a-kine concert Oct. 27. T' popular Mountane Anthems will perferm at t'Springs Mennonite Church at 4 p.m.T' Mountane Anthems is a mixt cherus feeturyun' members o't' Mountane View Mennoite Church, locatid n' Salisbury. Und'r t'direckshun o'Michael Yod'r, t'group o'talantid … Reat t'res

GOSHEN, Ind. (WNDU) – Frydee helt t'52nd annual Michyina Mennonite Relief Sale at t'Elkhart Countee Fairgrounds.
Thishere year’s sale includes un online aucshun an' garage sale.
Un Saturdee, sales an' food booths will be ope frum 7 a.m.-2 p.m.

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GOSHEN — T' 52nd annual Michyina Mennonite Relief Sale will take place Sept. 27 an' 28 at t'Elkhart Countee 4-H Fairgrounds.T' sale cummences Sept. 27 at 5 p.m., wiff activitees continuyun' until 9 p.m. Un Sept. 28, t'sale opens at 7 a.m. an' continues through earlee afternoon.Minny a musickull groups … Reat t'res

Organizers o't' annual Mennonite Relief Sale, set fer Nov. 1-2 at Chisholm Trail Expo Cant'r, air seekyun' donatid items fer thishere year’s benefit sale.T' sale raises funds ta suppert efferts o'Mennonite Cantral Committee ta respond ta disasters an' alleviate food inseecuritee an' povertee n' t'developyun' worl.Luella Unruh, one o't' sale … Reat t'res

MONTGOMERY — T' 39th annual Daviess Countee Relief Sale is a'kummin back thishere weekend at Dinky’s Aucshun Cant'r n' Montgomery. A well-attendt communitee event, t'profits made go ta benefit sevrul organizatyuns, bof local an' global.”Sum olt'r guys had startid it yeers ago, an' we wantid ta keep it goin ta … Reat t'res