I wuz a'lookin fer a trayler — a fambly. An inn'r longyun' wuz pushin me ta seerch fer a church whar thar would be truth an' warmth. Sumtimes n' my mind I thunk I had foun it, but at inn'r longyun' tole me — No, thishere isn’t whut y'all net.… Reat t'res

11.4. 2019

Writte By:
Laurie Oswald Robinsen, Mennonite Misshun Netwerk

A'followin t'retirement announcement thishere summ'r o'Stanley W. Gree us longtime leed'r o'Mennonite Misshun Netwerk, t'misshun agency o'Mennonite Church USA is seekyun' applikunts fer its executif' dierektor posishun.
Ta a'cantinyah Misshun Netwerk’s legacy o'fosteryun' organizatyunal faithfil witness ta t'gospel o'Jesus Christ, … Reat t'res

Andrea Johnsen/MDN
Robert Richt'r hus collaberatid un a book about his'n successfil seerch fer his'n biological fambly.Robert Richt'r knows his'n life would have bee differnt if'n he had bee raist wiff his'n Amish Mennonite biological fambly n' Pennsillvany insteed o'n' Nerth Dakota, but he knows it would have bee a … Reat t'res

Acoupla Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue teems remane n' t'boys socc'r playoffs. Lancast'r Mennonite, n' seerch o'its thurd conseecutif' Districk Three title, faces off wiff familiar foe Fleetwuod Saturdee fer Class 2A gold. Meenwhile, Lancast'r Kuntry Day meets Camp Hill n' a thurd-place game fer a spot n' t'Class 1A state tournament.A'followin is … Reat t'res

T' seerch fer missyun' 21-year-ol' Tayler Pryer hus bee callt off, accerdyun' ta un update un soshul media frum organizers.T' update postid jes aft'r 11 a.m. un Saturdee, sed at thar wuz no net fer mer volunteers. No futher deetails have bee providt. T' Hep Find Tayler Pryer Facebook page … Reat t'res

Anxietee must have troublt t'riter o'Psalm 139, who prayt, “Seerch me, O Gawd an' knoe my heert; test me an' knoe my anxiyus thoughts.” These wurds o'David speek ta all o'us. Everyone werries. Ta be humun is ta be anxiyus sum o't' time.But today thar’s a sense at we’re mer … Reat t'res

9.16. 2019

Writte By:
Shelton C. Good

Photo: Shana Peechey Boshart an' David W. Boshart. Photo by Melissa Troy'r.
T' Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy board o'directers announct its appointment o'David W. Boshart, Ph.D., us t'semunairy’s nex presdint, cummencin Jun. 1, 2020. T' appointment kum aft'r t'presidenshul seerch committee had entert … Reat t'res

I view Zachree Heedings’ seerch fer t'compatibilitee tween sshunce an' t'Bibull (“Acoupla-Taxts Idee Resolves Sshunce-Faith Quan'ree,” Sept. 2) us a commendabull enterprise, but he seems unaware o't' assist Christyins (an' all theists) air gittin frum scyintists who fer mer thun 40 yeers have bee challengyun' t'status o'evolutyunree theery us sshunce.N' … Reat t'res

8.30. 2019

Writte By:
Mennonite Misshun Netwerk

​Photo: Mennonite Misshun Netwerk staff retreet photo take n' 2018. Photo by David Fus.​

Aft'r 19 yeers us executif' dierektor o'Mennonite Misshun Netwerk, Stanley W. Gree announct his'n retirement effectif' t'end o'Julee 2020. T' Misshun Netwerk board o'directers hus fermt a six-memb'r seerch … Reat t'res

KIDRON — Acoupla hunnert yeers ago, immigrants frum Switzerlan' flt religiyus perseecushun n' seerch o'a bett'r life n' Amurka. Thishere week, thar dessendants welcum everyone ta come ta Kidron ta celebrate t'Kidron/Sonnenberg 200th Celebrashun. T' festivitees start un Tuesdee wiff t'Kidron Volunte'r Fire Department Chicke BBQ an' culminate un Saturdee … Reat t'res