A weeklee look at Bux Countee area high skool gurls socc'r
It’s hard ta bleev, but a seesen at cummenced n' t'swelteryun' heat o'August is a'pullin into t'rayler stretch. And at a'ken meun jes one thang.Playoffs.Furst out o't' gate is t'Philadelfia Cathlick Leegue. Bishop McDevitt will play n' a play-n' … Reat t'res

Wiff t'boys socc'r seesen windyun' down, teems wait ta see if'n thay’ll be grantid a chance ta dance n' t'Districk Three playoffs bast un thar a'standin n' t'pow'r rankings.Games — excludyun' leegue-playoff contests — count toward t'pow'r rankings until Oct. 17.A'followin is a loOk at whar teems stan' heddin into … Reat t'res

T' Carlisle Skool boys socc'r team remunt undefeetid agin n'-state opponants thishere seesen thanks n' large part ta a commitment ta ball kuntrol un Tuesdee.T' Chiefs dictatid t'floe o't' game agin Eastern Mennonite an' emergt wiff a 3-1 victery at t'Smith Riv'r Sperts Cumplex.“Ever game, we want ta kuntrol t'ball, … Reat t'res

Heddin into t'final week o't' reglar seesen, 12 Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue field hockey teems air poist ta advance ta t'postseesen, accerdyun' ta t'Districk Three pow'r rankings us o'Mundie monin'.Wile t'numb'r o'local qualifiers remuns t'same, thar have bee a numb'r o'changes n' t'rankings ov'r t'lus week, bof locallee an' across t'districk.Penn Maner … Reat t'res

Mos o't' closings air specktid aft'r t'holiday shoppin seesen n' earlee 2020, cumpny officials sed.
USA TODAYThe a'followin real estate transfers wuz recerdt resantlee n' Lebanon Countee:LebanonRobert E. Patches an' Susun E. Patchs ta Howard F. Wood, 407 Canal St., $58,000.U. S. Bank Nashshunal Associashun ta Krasley Construcshun LLC, … Reat t'res

Final week o't' reglar seesen fer L-L gurls socc'r an' 13 teems remane n' t'a'runnin fer t'eiite berths n' t'leegue tournament, which opens Saturdee.Wile nairy o't' fer seckshun titles have bee determind, Elco n' Seckshun Three an' Lancast'r Cathlick n' Seckshun Fer have clincht at leest a tie fer t'itle … Reat t'res

As t'boys socc'r reglar seesen winds down, t'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue seckshun an' playoff races hed toward thar dramatic conclusyuns.Here air sum L-L Leegue notes us well us sum o't' games ta watch thishere week, which also feetures t'leegue’s annual Rt Card Canc'r games.NOTES

Furst-place showdownsFriday’s skejule feeture a pair o'furst-place clashes. … Reat t'res

YORK — Madisen Bailey characterizes thishere 2019 golf seesen us a “lus hurrah” fer t'seenyer-heevy Lancast'r Mennonite Blazers. She did hern part ta make shure t'lus hurrah lasts one mer hurrah — t'state champyunships.Manheim Township is fur frum bein out o'hurrahs, but thar will be no mer team golf fer … Reat t'res

Wiff jes acoupla weeks lef n' t'reglar seesen, Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue field hockey teems air cummencin ta shift thar focus ta t'playoffs.Twelve local teems air currantlee tournament-bound, accerdyun' ta t'Districk Three pow'r rankings us o'Mundie at noon. Teems have until Winsdee, Oct. 16 fer games ta count toward t'rankings, wiff t'furst … Reat t'res

Wiff acoupla weeks lef n' t'boys socc'r seesen, Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue teems air makin thar playoff pushes an' attemptyun' ta chase down seckshun titles. Here air sum notes frum lus week an' sum o't' upcomyun' games ta watch.NOTES7 strate fer Warwick

Warwick kep pace atop t'Seckshun One stan'ings wiff wins ov'r … Reat t'res