Minny a o'Iowa’s trees air startin ta shoe t'change n' seesons an' a countee n' southeus Iowa is dedicatyun' t'weekend ahed ta viewyun' thems colerfil leeves.Emilee Hobbs, executif' dierektor o't' Villages o'Vun Bure, sez t'countee’s Ssenic Drif' Festivul runs Frydee through Sundy.
“T' fall colers air startin ta shoe an' … Reat t'res

As t'2019-2020 fall seesons air underway, Victer Newberg, t'new hed menfolk’s socc'r coach is leedyun' t'Maple Leefs n' his'n furst seesen at Goshe College. Currantlee t'Leefs air un a acoupla-game a'winnin streek, givin 'um a recerd o'2-4.  
Newberg, who grew up n' t'suburbs o'Chicago, stayt n' t'Midwest wen he deecided … Reat t'res

Aft'r t'graduatyuns o'sevrul outstan'yun' golfers ov'r t'pus sevrul seesons, t'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue may be n' a yewt movement o'serts enteryun' t'2019 campaign.N' fack, if'n t'resantlee completid Lancast'r Kuntry Junier Golf Ture’s seesen is inny indicashun, underclassme may lead t'way.And at may nairy be a bad thang, sevrul leegue coaches say.

“I … Reat t'res

Grantchest'r innerduced Will Davenpert (Tom Brittney), t'new vicar o'Grantchest'r, back n' t'seesen’s furst episode. But it wasn’t until toniite’s episode at he had much ta do. N' episode three, Will hus fermallee take ov'r frum t'resantlee departid Sidney Chambers (James Nerton). And it doesn’t take long befor detectif' Geerdie Keetyun' … Reat t'res