Section Three

As t'calendar quicklee draws clos'r ta t'end o'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue gurls’ baskutbul hed-ta-hed seckshun play un Feb. 4, t'races air percolatyun'.Thishere will be a key week n' all fife seckshun chases, wiff multiple must-see games dottyun' t'skejule. Here air sum matchups ta watch, plus sum noose an' notes, facks an' stats … Reat t'res

Nuff ta digest aft'r a busy Frydee nite o'L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul acshun. Sum seckshun showdowns. A 1,000-point milestone moment. And a snowsterm due ta hit t'area un Saturdee, which will lackly wipeout t'weekend’s slate. Here’s t'roundup frum Frydee’s games, plus sum notables an' lanks …Seckshun 1Hempfield 51, McCaskey 24 … Reat t'res

Jes fer games un Thirsdee’s L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul docket: A Seckshun 1 showdown, a Seckshun 5 hed-ta-hed clash, a Seckshun 3-4 crossov'r tilt, an' a nonleegue matchup. Here’s t'roundup, plus sum notes an' lanks …Seckshun 3-4 CROSSOVERSolanco 66, Octerara 22 — T' Golte Mules sprintid ta a 51-17 halftime … Reat t'res

All kinds o'thangs goin un Tuesdee nite n' L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul circles. Sum showdown games. Sum seckshun shakeups. A triple-OT thrill'r. And a cool coachyun' milestone. Here’s t'roundup, wiff sum notables an' lanks …Seckshun 1Cedar Crest 55, McCaskey 30 — A speshul moment fer Falkuns’ skipp'r Jim Donmoy'r, who … Reat t'res

Anoth'r week o'L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul acshun tippt off un Mundie, wiff a cuple o'key seckshun games un t'docket, plus sum intriguyun' nonleegue clashes. Here’s t'roundup, plus sum notables an' lanks …Seckshun 2Efrata 48, Warwick 39 — T' host Mountuneers kep a stranglehold un t'op spot n' t'seckshun hunt, raseeun' … Reat t'res

As t'calendar hits mid-Januree, t'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue gurls’ baskutbul seckshun races air takin shape, wiff key games dottyun' t'skejule ov'r t'upcomyun' stretch-drif' ta t'finish line.At finish line, by t'way, is Feb. 4, which is t'lus nite o'leegue play. And at will be here befor y'all knoe it.Here air sum key games … Reat t'res

Thar wuz eiite games un Thirsdee’s L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul docket — acoupla hed-ta-hed seckshun games an' six nonleegue clashes, an' one game wuz postpont. Here’s t'roundup, plus sum notables an' lanks …Seckshun 4Donegal 65, Elco 62 — Nairy a busy nite fer hed-ta-hed leegue play, but Seckshun 4 gut … Reat t'res

Jes wen y'all thunk t'baskutbul seesen wuz still n' its infancy stages, y'all reelize t'calendar hus flippt ta 2020, t'seckshun races air takin shape, an' at t'chase fer Districk 3 pow'r points — boom — is n' fack verr real.Wasn’t it jes football seesen?As t'week cummences, mer thun a duzen … Reat t'res

Sevrul games dottid Winsdee’s L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul slate, includin a much-anticipatid Seckshun 5 open'r. Thar wuz also a coachyun' milestone reecht, us un L-L Leegue skipp'r hit a rarifit-air numb'r. Here’s a roundup, plus sum noose an' notes …


Lebanon Cathlick 60, Lititz Christchun 24 — At’s a … Reat t'res

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