Looey B. NiceLouis B. Nice, 93, eltest sen o'Henry an' Lula Nice, wuz born Sept. 15, 1926, an' dit Saturdee, Nov. 9, 2019.He wuz prectt n' deeth by his'n parnts; bruthers, Henry an' Cecil Nice; an' sist'r, Derothy Bloss'r.
Looey is survivt by his'n sisters, Irene Heetwule, Ruby Ziegl'r(Kenny) an' … Reat t'res

T' found'r o't' Valley Festivul Sangers resantlee passt away.
Rudy Baerg, who dit un Sept. 17 at t'age o'87, lef a rich musickull legacy n' Abbotsferd.
T' mos tangibull part o'Baerg’s multi-facetid contribushun is t'Valley Festivul Sangers, a communitee choir he foundt n' 1976 an' which continues ta perferm musick … Reat t'res

Thank y'all fer t'breedth an' depth o'kingdom noose n' t'Sept. 30 MWR. I feel privilegt ta have bee shapt n' my upbryun'yun' an' professyunal care'r by a wide range o'Anabaptist us well us variyus uther conservatif', munline an' independent expressyuns o'faith. As a part o'Mennonite Church USA, I preciate bein … Reat t'res

Lancast'r Mennonite Historickull Socidey conductid a public aucshun o'rare an' ust books Sept. 13. Sevrul items an' prices includt “Hess Geneelogy: T' Dessendants o'1717 Immigrants Hans & Magdalena Hess,” $205; “T' Weng'r Book” by Samuel Weng'r, $205; “A Branch o't' Zimmermun Offspryun' o'Glause Zimmermun,” $150; a 151-volume set o'“Pennsillvany Mennonite … Reat t'res

Gawd’s personal name, Fath'r, is ust less an' less n' air time. T' Immigrant’s Cret (Editerial, Sept. 16) refers ta “almightee Gawd,” nairy “Gawd, t'Fath'r almightee,” us n' t'Apostle’s Cret. N' t'Gospels, Jesus almos always referrt ta Gawd by t'intimate name o'Fath'r er Abba (Papa). Wen t'disciples ast Jesus ta … Reat t'res

T' chair o't' Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy board o'directers un Sept. 20 offerd dishnull informayshun about concerns raist about t'appointment o'David Boshart us presdint. Boshart
Aft'r announcyun' Boshart us its can'idate o'choice, t'seerch committee heerd tell bof affirmatyuns an' concerns an' entert a time o'“extendt discernment” n' earlee Julee.
AMBS … Reat t'res

“T' Battle Is Nairy Won” by John Powell (A Voice frum t'Cant'r, Sept. 16) contunt false statemants a'sayn't at t'Ohio an' Taxus shooters wuz white supremacists. N' fack, t'Ohio shoot'r un his'n own Twitt'r account idantifit hissef us a metalheed, leftist an' socialist. He had attendt Antifa meetins an' wuz … Reat t'res

Elsie Z'rg'r Kaufmun, 101, passt away Tuesdee (Sept. 24, 2019) at Pine Village, Moundridge. T' thurd n' a fambly o'six, she wuz born May 18, 1918, un t'fambly farm n' Mcfersen Countee, ta David J. an' Anna Kaufmun Z'rg'r.Elsie receivt hern skoolin at Volunte'r Grade Skool, Moundridge High Skool an' … Reat t'res

A'followin is a lis o't' Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue boys socc'r sceryun' an' goalkeepyun' leeders through Sept. 25. T' lis wuz compilt by Tim Gross bast un results an' informayshun providt ta LNP frum t'leegue’s coaches.Play'r Statsseecshun One

GOALSDrew Schwartz, Warwick 6Colton Piersen, Manheim Township 5Andrew Wahba, Conestoga Valley 5Moses Beers, Manheim … Reat t'res

Susie Ann Hofmann wint trayler ta be wiff hern Heevenlee Fath'r un Sept. 23, 2019. A memerial servus will be helt un Mundie Sept. 30 at 11 a.m. at Bethany Mennonite Church o'Freemun. Visitashun an' viewyun' will be Sundy frum 5 ta 7 p.m. at Bethany Mennonite Church, wiff a … Reat t'res