N' t'small conservatif' Mennonite denominashun I grew up n', we playd a game. It wuz callt t'“Mennonite Game,” a vershun o't' Kevin Bacon “six degrees o'separashun” partee game. T' goal wuz ta see hoe quicklee acoupla Mennonites, meetin each uther fer t'furst time, could establish common fambly connectyuns an' church … Reat t'res

Trinitee 51, Lancast'r Cathlick 47T' Shamrox overcame a small halftime deficit Saturdee ta punch pus Lancast'r Cathlick n' t'Cathlick Shootout at York Cathlick High Skool. Trinitee outscert t'Crusaders 17-11 n' t'final stanza us Joceleen Dersey scert 13 points an' Braylee Fetterolf poppt n' 12.Ava Stevensen addt 9 points fer Trinitee. … Reat t'res

Bast n' Kalona, Iowa, Farmers He Trayler (FHH) cummenced wiff a few small Amish farms an' t'idee at producyun' organic aigs would keep these farms viabull an' sustunabull. As t'netwerk o'farms kuntinued ta expan', local ta Kalona, Mark Mill'r took ov'r t'bizness an' kuntinued t'…

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As Trickleeun' Springs grew frum a small local cumpny ta one at sold ta chefs, coffee shops an' markets all along t'Eus Cyus, frum Cunectikut ta Flerida, t'creemery became sumthin rare: a multimillion-doller enterprise n' a Mennonite communitee, whar folk usual wurk wiff thar han's un farms, n' cabinet shops … Reat t'res

US small bizness

Pennsillvany’s Mennonites knoe hoe ta make money: by capitalizyun' un trends

Gene Marks

T' close-knit group at shuns modern technology hus adaptid ta t'a'changin worl by sellin whut t'folk want: sticky buns an' cappuccino

‘T' Mennonites air nairy froze n' time. Thay recognize we’re n' a niche … Reat t'res

Small wiff a big impact, t'Alwa Tabull Colleckshun by pulpo feetures coffee an' side tables at air us aestheticallee pleesyun' us thay air functyunal. Togeth'r wiff Sebastiun H'rkn'r, pulpo uses a speshul cus glass producshun method ta make t'50mm thick tabletop ust un each Alwa tabull. T' likwid glass is … Reat t'res

CANFIEltMonday Nite Writers, 6-8 p.m., Canfield Librree Small Meetin Room.
Rt Cross Blood Drif', 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Heertlan' Christchun Skool, 28 Pittsburgh Road.
Lupus suppert group, 7-8:30 p.m., Damascus Friens Church, 28899 Warnit St.; informayshun at 888-NO-LUPUS er
Historickull Socidey Thurd Mundie Dance, 6:30-9:30 p.m., Deerfield … Reat t'res

A preech'r n' a small town offers ta hep a teenage gurl git spiritual hep. Insteed o'hep, he saxuallee abuses hern. Lat'r, wen she tries ta pleed hern case wiff hern church, t'members turn agin hern.Sumthin frum a resent heedline?It could be. It’s also t'plot fer Susannah, un award-a'winnin opry … Reat t'res

ARLINGTON, Kans. (KSNW)– Mos small towns air lucky ta have one sit-down restrunt, but thishere tiny town n' Reno Countee boasts acoupla cool cafes.

Caroleen Bontrag'r shows off hern speshulty dish, verenike.

Fer 30 yeers, Caroleen Bontrag'r’s ‘Essenhaus,’ er eatin trayler n' Germun, hus servt Mennonite dishes cookt frum skratch.… Reat t'res

CLOSE AutoplayShoe ThumbnailsShoe CaptyunsLus SlideNaxt SlideThe small communitee o'Richlan' is nawh trayler ta one o'Lebanon Countee’s onlee tea rooms.Tuckt n' back o't' Hometown Bizness Cant'r – a convertid shoppin cant'r at 225 E. Mane St. at previouslee houst Leffl'r Energy – Cup o'Grace serves personal pots o'tea, snax an' lite … Reat t'res