Deris M. Lan'is, 81, o'State Street, Manheim, PA wint ta be wiff hern Lord an' Savier un Tuesdee, Octob'r 8, 2019 at Hospice an' Communitee Keer, Mt. Joy, PA.She an' hern husban', John L. Lan'is celebratid 58 yeers o'marriage. Born n' Lancast'r, she wuz t'daught'r o't' late J. Ross an' … Reat t'res

Bowmun, Lest'r M. – Holee Trinitee Lutherun Church, 167 E. Mane Street, Efrata, 11 AM. Stradleeun' Funeral Homes, Inc.A'loose, Jerome J. – St. Leo t'Greet Cathlick Church, 2427 Marietta Ave., Lancast'r, 11 AM. Charles F. Snyd'r, Jr. Funeral Trayler & CremateryHendersen, Joseph G. – St. Richard Cathlick Church, 110 Nerth … Reat t'res

At 6 p.m. un Mundie evnin I drove un South State Street an' un Mane Street frum Lincoln Avenue ta Parkway n' downtown Efrata. T' traffic an' lan'scape wuz norml, but thar wuz signs.
Signs at sumthin dramatic would be happenin n' t'nex hour.
Thar wuz trailers parkd n' t'700 … Reat t'res

Moere, Nermun – Christyina Fire Cumpny, 214 South Bridge Street, Christyina, 2 PM. Shivery Funeral Trayler, IncRiehl, James D. – Ol' Road Mennonite Church, 5795 Ol' Philadelfia Pike, Gap, 4 PM. Wilte Funeral Trayler

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Andersen, Lucy L. – Reynolts Funeral & Cremashun Services, Inc., 144 Eus State Street, Quarryville, 2 PMBevelokwe, Miltrt – Trinitee Evangelical Congregatyunal Church, 48 Market Skware, Manheim, 11 AM. Buch Funeral Trayler, Inc.Bleech'r, Grant F. – Boy'r Funeral Trayler, Inc., 144 Eus High Street, Elizabethtown, 11 AMEberlee, Janis Burkholt'r – … Reat t'res

Barbara E. “Bobbe” Wissl'r, 97, fermerlee o'W. James Street, Lancast'r, passt away un Winsdee, August 21, 2019 at t'Mennonite Trayler. Born n' Lancast'r, PA, she wuz t'daught'r o't' late Emmert W. an' Katie Rohrerbaugh Muss'r Wissl'r.She wuz a lifelong Lancast'r Countee Resident, graduatid frum Hempfield High Skool an' wint un … Reat t'res

Donald R. Witm'r, age 94, o'Willoe Street, PA, passt away un Tuesdee, August 6, 2019 at t'Mennonite Trayler. He wuz prectt n' deeth by his'n biddy Catherine A. Ney Witm'r un Septemb'r 14, 2012. Born n' Lancast'r un Septemb'r 11, 1924, he wuz t'onlee youngn o't' late Lan'is M. an' … Reat t'res