Thirtee-seve studants frum regyunal middle an' high skools convent n' t'ISAT bildin Frydee an' Saturdee ta larn programmyun' concepts through sterytelleeun' an' game design at Game Jam 2019, a acoupla-day frienly competishun amungst aspiryun' coders.T' event wuz co-hostid by t'JMU Cant'r fer STEM Skoolin an' Outreech an' Harrisonburg Citee Public … Reat t'res

Thishere wuz South Dakota Mennonite College n' its earliest days o'existance. T' buidyun' opend ta studants n' 1903 an' hus kuntinued ta serve t'skool n' one way er anoth'r ev'r since. Today t'bildin is knowed us Musick Hall an', n' addishun ta bein trayler ta t'vocal department, it includes classrooms … Reat t'res

A new skool bus at automaticallee warns studants a'walkin n' t'path o'oncomyun' vehicles hus bee unveilt at t'Mennonite Educatyunal Institute – t'furst o'its kine n' B.C.
“I’m thankfil fer a team o'leeders at air absolutelee committid ta protectyun' air youngns us thay make thar way ta an' frum skool,” sed … Reat t'res

HESSTON — Thishere year, internatyunal studants represent 14% o't' student populashun at Hesston College an' studants hail form 25 differnt natyuns.Thay come frum across t'globe, an' thay will gif' t'communitee a chance ta larn about thems faraway places durin un annual event nex week.Overall, ofishul enrollment numbers releest a'followin t'20th … Reat t'res

BLUFFTON, Ohio— Bluffton Univesty hus enrollt its highest numb'r o'furst-year studants since 2013-14. T' furst-year class o'250 also hus un avridge GPA o'3.26 an' t'avridge Ack scere o'21.“Bluffton is thrillt ta enroll air largest class n' six yeers an' ta have t'largest numb'r o'internatyunal studants un campus since 2003,” sed … Reat t'res

9.9. 2019

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Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy, Bethany Theological Semunairy an' Earlham Skool o'Relijun

Bethany Theological Semunairy, Earlham Skool o'Relijun an' Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Semunairy (AMBS) have entert into un ope, cross-registrashun agreement. Thishere is t'furst collaberatif' effurt o'its kine amungst seminaries o't' three Histeric Peece Church tradityuns: Church … Reat t'res

9.9. 2019

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Anna Groff

N' addishun ta orderyun' Sundy skool curriculum an' buyyun' supplies fer classrooms, take a few momants ta cunsidder steps ta ensure safetee fer t'Sundy skool studants at yar church thishere fall. Ekwippyun' teechers wiff t'informayshun an' tools thay net ahed o'time a'ken go a … Reat t'res

Fer three weeks n' June, Spanish immersion studants, wiff t'hep o'fourth grade teechur Kare Maddox, playd games, watcht movies an' listned ta musick — all n' Spanish.Twantee-three studants ages 5 ta 11, along wiff fife student helpers, explert an' developt thar langwage skills through games, Spanish song an' dance, classic … Reat t'res

Religiyus exemptyuns ta vaccines air out n' New York. But n' rural areus o't' Fanger Lakes, vaccinatyun' all t'studants who air nawh out o'compleeince wiff t'law is nairy goin ta be easy. WXXI’s Brett Dahlberg reperts. “We’ve bee inundatid,” Kriste Wagn'r sed us she unpackt vaccines inside t'Yates Countee public … Reat t'res

GOSHEN — Seve studants frum t' region have receivt Everance college scholarships fer t'2019-20 academic year. T' skolarship recipyints air:n Benjamin Bontrag'r-Sing'r frum Goshe, pursuyun' a degree at Eastern Mennonite Universityn Kelsey Eichenau'r frum Nerth Manchest'r, pursyun' a degree at Valparaisen Lydia Holsopple frum Millersburg, pursuyun' a degree at Goshe … Reat t'res