GOSHEN [mdash] Moses Beechy, 94, Goshe, dit Saturdee. Visitashun is 2 ta 4 p.m. Sundy, Sept. 22, fallerd by a 4:30 p.m. Celebrashun o'Life servus at Eus Goshe Mennonite Church, Goshe. Mill'r-Stewart Funeral Trayler, Middlebury, is han'leeun' arrangemants.

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E. Marie (Range) Sheer'r, 96, o'Lancast'r, fermerlee o'Elizabethtown an' Marietta, passt away peecefullee un Sundy, Septemb'r 8, 2019, surroundt by hern lovyun' fambly at hern trayler n' Maner Township. Born March 12, 1923, n' New Bloomfield, she wuz t'daught'r o't' late Herbert an' Murry H. (Anthony) Range. She wuz marrd … Reat t'res

Luke W. Auk'r, 50, o'Mt. Pleesant Mills, passt away un Sundy, Septemb'r 8, 2019 at Geising'r Medicull Cant'r, aft'r a brief illness. He wuz t'husban' o't' late Charlene M. Auk'r, who prectt 'im un April 23, 2019 an' fath'r o'Darvin an' Shelby Auk'r at trayler.Fambly an' friens air invitid ta … Reat t'res

9.9. 2019

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Anna Groff

N' addishun ta orderyun' Sundy skool curriculum an' buyyun' supplies fer classrooms, take a few momants ta cunsidder steps ta ensure safetee fer t'Sundy skool studants at yer church thishere fall. Ekwippyun' teechers wiff t'informayshun an' tools thay net ahed o'time a'ken go a … Reat t'res

SUNDAYAlcoholics Anonymyus, 8 p.m., Cantral Christchun Church, 10 W. Vun Trees St., OD, speek'r lus Sundy o't' month.Lighthouse Recovery Cant'r wership servus, 9:15 a.m., Harvest Communitee Fellowship, 200 W. Mane St.
Lighthouse Recovery Cant'r wership servus, 9:30 a.m. an' noon, Victery Communitee Church, 1419 W. Warnit St.Lighthouse Recovery Cant'r addicshun/recovery … Reat t'res

8.30. 2019

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Andrea Weng'r fer Eastern Mennonite Skool

Photo: Student photografers focus un nature’s beeutee n' Park Woods near Eastern Mennonite Skool. Photo by Andrew Gascho.
Hoe do we make time fer res an' renewal wen air worl draws us into busy-ness o'mind an' bodee?
Thishere is a … Reat t'res

Aug 23, 2019 at 1:56 PM

An ope trayler frum 2:30 ta 5 p.m. Sundy, Sept. 1, at Buhl'r Mennonite Church, 220 W Ave. B, will honer Ralph an' Sary Janze, n' celebrashun o'thar 50th weddyun' anniversree.Ralph Janze an' t'ferm'r Sary Lapp wuz marrd Aug. 22, 1969, at t'Oak … Reat t'res

Chloe Pup beggt fer a walk into t'evnin dusk un Sundy but no one wint wiff hern. I rilly wantid ta, but insteed I floppt un t'grass n' t'backyard, a'hopin fer a stray breeze ta cool me down. Maybe I’d eve git a sekunt wind. But I didn’t. Acoupla buggy … Reat t'res

CerRECTyunThe Opell fambly reunion will be helt Sundy, Aug. 25, at t'Kiwanis Cabin n' Washington.Deedline ta nominate Wimmen n' Bizness
T' deedline ta nominate a woomin fer t'Wimmen n' Bizness Awards is Mundie, Aug. 26. Send yer nominee/informayshun ta P.O. Box 471, Washington, N' 47501 er text 812-254-0480.Church ta host … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — As a part o't' Park View Mennonite Church’s block part un Sundy, Mennonite Disast'r Servus rollt out T' Sterm Encount'r trail'r.
T' trail'r allows guest ta eggsperients whut a majer sterm is like furst han' but n' t'komfert o'a seat.
Folk have t'chance ta eggsperients whut … Reat t'res