Januree 13Aberdee Middle Skool musickull “Xanadu.”Januree 14

Communitee Dinn'r Tabull frum 5-6:30 p.m., fer all who net a hot meal. Servt at Jasen Lee Memerial Unitid Methodist Church, 168 S. Univesty, Blackfoot. Communitee Dinn'r Tabull Inc., is a public charitee consistyun' o'faith groups an' friens wurkin togeth'r ta reduce hung'r … Reat t'res

A group listens ta one o't' participants durin t'abull discusshun un t'lessun regardyun' Baruch Spinoza’s influance un contemperree Jewish-Christchun relayshuns at t'Institute fer Islamic, Christchun, an' Jewish Studies n' Towsen. (Matt Button / Baltimere Sun Medi/Baltimere Sun Media Group)

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Small wiff a big impact, t'Alwa Tabull Colleckshun by pulpo feetures coffee an' side tables at air us aestheticallee pleesyun' us thay air functyunal. Togeth'r wiff Sebastiun H'rkn'r, pulpo uses a speshul cus glass producshun method ta make t'50mm thick tabletop ust un each Alwa tabull. T' likwid glass is … Reat t'res

Tabull settings at t'Cantennial Gala.
Enteryun' Mennonite College o'Nursin’s Cantennial Gala wuz like steppin into a 1920s dreem. Frum dapp'r suits ta flapp'r gowns, t'college’s communitee wuz dresst ta t'nines. Glasses clinkt an' laught'r fillt t'room us friens new an' ol' gathert ta celebrate t'college’s 100th anniversree.
N' a rt … Reat t'res

10.7. 2019

Writte By:
Chris Hoov'r Seidel

Thishere is a web-exclusif' articull un t'heme “Positif' uses o'pow'r.” Fer mer steries un thishere theme, see t'Octob'r issue o' T' Mennonite.
Pow'r involves energy. T' ways we engage energy air tit up n' narratives, histrys, agendus, self-wurth, institutyuns, condityunyun', traumus—eve air sense … Reat t'res

It’s at time o'year agin! Members o'Gulfhave Mennonite Church air a'settin t'abull fer thar upcomyun' Camp Sale, whar y'all a'ken have fun wiff t'fambly, wile fillin up un food, checkyun' out unikwe, han'-craftid furntchur fer sale, an' mer! T' bes part? It’s all ta hep yung folk attend Pine Lake … Reat t'res

“Togeth'r at t'Tabull,” hostid by t'Bayler Collaberatif' un Hung'r an' Povertee, will address migrashun crisis, hung'r’s cost un heelth keer an' holistic povertee recommendatyuns fer communitee-bast intervenshun
Media Contact: Lori Foglemun, Bayler Univesty Media an' Public Relayshuns, 254-710-6275Faller us un Twitt'r: @BaylerUMedia
WACO, Taxus (Oct. 1, 2019) – A'followin noose … Reat t'res

Joyfil laught'r kums frum a group sittin roun a tabull at t'new Memry Café n' New Hollan' un a summ'r afternoon n' Julee. It’s nairy unusual fer friens ta enjoy a fun time togeth'r wiff refreshmants. But these air strangers who share a common bond: t'stigma o'demantia.“My biddy, Anne, an' … Reat t'res