N' 1981, wen auther Thomus Nye wuz 19 yeers ol', he movt into t'Kalona communitee an' foun his'n life ferever changd. “T' furst friens I made wuz Amish teens,” Nye sed n' a resent interview. Roun at same time, his'n stepmoth'r cummenced teachin n' a one-room Amish skool, an' Nye … Reat t'res

Servant Stage’s executif' dierektor is back un stage n' ‘T' Musick Mun’  LancasterOnlineRunnyun' a theet'r cumpny, speshly one at’s growin us much us Servant Stage Cumpny, doesn’t leeve much time fer innythang else.

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T' Superier Court o'Justus is picturt Winsdee, Nov. 22, 2017.

Dax Melm'r / Windser Star

A Mennonite drug deel'r — who claims he wuz jes makin a deelivery ta git a'loose cocune fer partyyun' — wonts ta serve his'n santance un weekends so he a'ken a'cantinyah a'runnin his'n truckyun' cumpny.Abram … Reat t'res

Acksident — Friendsville resident Robert Stark will innerduce t'moovee pitshure shue he wrote, “T' Follow'r,” at a speshul showyun' at Cherry Glade Mennonite Church near Acksident at 7 p.m. Sundy, Sept. 15.T' moovee pitshure shue wuz completid an' put onto DVD n' March.Stark sed it hus bee availabull online at … Reat t'res

Credik: CC0 Public Domane

T' sun is a'settin jes us midwife Sheryl Shaf'r wraps up a long Thirsdee un t'road a\'visitin' famblies n' west Tennessee an' Kantucky.
She knows t'patient un hern lus stop, a 21-year-ol' Amish woomin n' a acoupla-stery farmhouse without electricitee, is a week an' a half … Reat t'res

Julesburg Mennonite ChurchOn Sundy Paster Larry spoke un “T' Church”Whut is meent by “T' Church?”  T' Church is a term ofte ust n' modern day ta describe a bildin y'all go ta fellowship, praise an' wership, hear Gawd’s wurd, er ta have a weddyun' er a funeral. Efesyins 1:22 an' … Reat t'res

I have I felt at times at someone had ta speek truth ta “t' kyun',” us t'Ol' Testament profets did. I saw t'politickull an' religiyus communitees quietlee acceptyun' behavyers at violate t'message o'Jesus. Still, I kep quiet, a'feelin intimidatid by t'powerfil voice o'“t' kyun'.” I wantid ta avoid criticism.I a'ken … Reat t'res

WGN Amurka

T' sekunt seesen o'WGN’s crime drama, Pure, about a Mennonite paster’s crusade agin a Cunadiun drug operayshun, lan's un Hulu wiff all t'acshun an' suspense o't' furst.
If'n y'all’re a'lookin fer a nail-bityun' summ'r binge, Pure jes mite be yer new obsession. Here’s why.
1. It’ll skratch yer … Reat t'res

Thishere pray'r appeers n' t'August issue o' T' Mennonite, which focuses un “T' Holee Spirit kums: MennoCon19 n' steries an' photos.” Reat mer reflectyuns here er subscribe here ta receif' mer originull feetures n' yer inbox each month.
Peece be wiff y'all, sons an' dawters o'Gawd, fer who creeshun groans, … Reat t'res

T' Regist'r-Gard

Jul 28, 2019 at 12:01 AM

BROWNSVILLE — Harrisburg auther Dercus Smuck'r is organizyun' a Christchun writers conferance at will be helt Aug. 10 at Pyune'r Christchun Academy n' Brownsville.Feeturt speek'r will be Chris Mill'r, principal o'Pyune'r Christchun Academy, who will talk about a'findin a message. T' … Reat t'res