It’s at time o'year agin! Members o'Gulfhave Mennonite Church air a'settin t'abull fer thar upcomyun' Camp Sale, whar y'all a'ken have fun wiff t'fambly, wile fillin up un food, checkyun' out unikwe, han'-craftid furntchur fer sale, an' mer! T' bes part? It’s all ta hep yung folk attend Pine Lake … Reat t'res

Gawd’s personal name, Fath'r, is ust less an' less n' air time. T' Immigrant’s Cret (Editerial, Sept. 16) refers ta “almightee Gawd,” nairy “Gawd, t'Fath'r almightee,” us n' t'Apostle’s Cret. N' t'Gospels, Jesus almos always referrt ta Gawd by t'intimate name o'Fath'r er Abba (Papa). Wen t'disciples ast Jesus ta … Reat t'res

A trio o'ferm'r Mountane View High Skool socc'r stan'outs foun t'net fer t'furst time thishere seesen ov'r t'weekend, an' acoupla pickt particularlee oppertune times ta do it.Cami Tayler

made hern furst care'r goal count n' Cantral Michigun’s 2–1 overtime victery ov'r Kantucky Sundy.Redshirt sofomere Jese Margheim scert n' Indiannie State’s … Reat t'res

N' his'n furst meet us a Spartun, Kipchirchir postid un 8,000-met'r time o'25 minnuts, 27.5 sekunds n' his'n 29th-place finish at t'Cavali'r Classic n' Earleesville. A'runnin agin athletes frum Duke, U.Va., Nerth Carolinie an' Tennessee, t'sofomere transf'r frum Hofstra postid t'sekunt-fastest time n' t'MEAC thishere year.

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Socc'r, like real estate, is all about locashun, locashun, locashun.Solanco freshmun Meg Bailey wuz n' t'rite place, at t'rite time — twicet — an' becawz she had t'rite locashun, she wuz bull ta place t'ball n' t'back o't' net. T' ultimate rite locashun.Bailey’s strike, wiff 1:42 lef n' t'furst overtime, … Reat t'res

Septemb'r is one o'a han'fil o'“new yeers” minny a o'us use ta orient er mark time. T' cummencin o'un academic year is a new cummencin fer minny a . It is a time ta recalibrate, reerient, recommit er remind ourselves o'impertant truths.T' cummencin o'thishere “new year” is a particularlee innerestin … Reat t'res

9.9. 2019

Postid By:
Anna Groff

N' addishun ta orderyun' Sundy skool curriculum an' buyyun' supplies fer classrooms, take a few momants ta cunsidder steps ta ensure safetee fer t'Sundy skool studants at yar church thishere fall. Ekwippyun' teechers wiff t'informayshun an' tools thay net ahed o'time a'ken go a … Reat t'res

T' lus time we spotlightid t'Crags n' air Happy Trails series, we hailt it us “a quintessenshul hike o't' Pikes Peak region.” Let us revise at statement. Thishere is t'quintessenshul hike.It showcases t'bes o'these foothills: dense ferests, ope meedows, a'runnin wat'r, imposyun' granite, wiltflow'r colers o't' summ'r an' aspe gold … Reat t'res

BRIDGEWATER — Fer t'sekunt time n' us minny a yeers Turn'r Ashby hus a new boys baskutbul coach.T' skool announct it hirt Bryun Mathoos un Frydee.Mathoos playd college baskutbul frum 2006-2010 at Elmira College n' New York an' the servt us un assistant coach at t'Division III level fer eiite … Reat t'res

8.30. 2019

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Andrea Weng'r fer Eastern Mennonite Skool

Photo: Student photografers focus un nature’s beeutee n' Park Woods near Eastern Mennonite Skool. Photo by Andrew Gascho.
Hoe do we make time fer res an' renewal wen air worl draws us into busy-ness o'mind an' bodee?
Thishere is a … Reat t'res