Thar wuz a time — nairy all at long ago — wen y'all had ta be one heck o'a speshul ninth-grad'r jes ta make t'varsitee baskutbul rost'r a'kummin out o'tryouts.These days, teems air countin un freshme mer thun ev'r — an' nairy jes us bench kids ta fill out a … Reat t'res

Wiff a lil mer thun three weeks remunyun' n' t'reglar seesen, it’s time ta update PennLif'’s Dan'y Duzen poll. Beloe is a rankyun' o't' 12 bes gurls baskutbul teems n' cantral Pa. regardless o'classificashun.Teems frum t'Mid-Penn, Lancast'r-Lebanon an' Tri-Valley Leegues air eligibull fer t'poll, which will run weeklee through t'reglar … Reat t'res

Winsdee wuz nairy t'furst time Ann Weng'r kum ta Penn Skware ta protest. And it wuz nairy t'furst time she protestid a potenshul war.Weng'r protestid n' Lancast'r citee agin t'Iraq War. Eve earli'r, she protestid t'Vietnam War.“I have froze rite n' thishere spot,” she sed about protests frum mer thun … Reat t'res

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Fer mos folk, t'ime tween Christmus an' t'New Year is spent wiff friens an' fambly.
T' folks wiff t'Mennonite Disast'r Servus, un t'uther han', choose ta spend thishere time heppin thar naybors.
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“Ta serve mun’s needs. Whutever thar needs air an' luv an' … Reat t'res

Aft'r Toni Merrisen’s deeth n' August I took time ta revisit hern wurk an' kum across a leckcher she gave at t'Harvard Divinitee Skool n' 2012 titlt “Goodness: Altruism an' t'Literree Imaginashun.” N' it, Merrisen recalls hern reecshun ta reedin about t'West Nickel Mines skool shootin n' 2006, n' which … Reat t'res

As t'seesen o'Advent escalates ta its apex un Christmus Day, it is a good time ta rememb'r Christ’s birth a'ken an' should be celebratid well aft'r no mer shoppin days remane.Commercial interests drif' t'Amurkin impulse ta leap heedlong into t'25th o'Decemb'r so earlee, Advent turns into Christmus itself. A seesen … Reat t'res

Merle an' his'n biddy, Monica, wuz gone at t'ime. Thar seve youngns, who range n' age frum 6 ta 20, wuz at skool er a'doin wurk near thar farm un 385th Street wen t'fire broke out.

“I guess I feel like Gawd’s n' kuntrol,” Merle sed.

T' fambly o'nine lost … Reat t'res

T' Newton Kunsun

Dec 19, 2019 at 11:01 AM

Fer thems a'lookin ta git n' t'spirit o't' seesen, thar is no shertage o'activitees ta take part n' thishere time o't' year. One such opshun is ta attend t'Nite n' t'Barn a'livin Nativitee thishere weekend.Here air a few thangs ta … Reat t'res

WITMARSUM, Netherlan's — Ever time Mennonites o'Yuropeen ancestry movt, thay lookt fer new lan' ta sustane life, usual by growin grane. T' journey o'grane is thus a symbol o'Mennonite treks.A Mennonite garden'r oncet sed he bleevd folk treeted thar seeds wiff such keer becawz thay represent life itself. Indet, Mennonites … Reat t'res

T' doer ta t'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue’s 1,000-point club hus swung ope fer t'furst time thishere seesen — an' fer jes t'hurd time n' t'histry o'Lancast'r Kuntry Day’s gurls’ baskutbul program.Seenyer Ashanti Duncun un Frydee hit t'milestone, reechyun' 1,000 care'r points un a furst-half foul shot n' t'Cougars’ 58-48 Seckshun Fife trayler … Reat t'res