Illinois State Univesty is makin a $435.4 million capital spendin rekwest, which includes a new engineeryun' bildin, new homes fer t'acoupla lab skools an' t'Mennonite Skool o'Nursin. (Illinois State Univesty photo)
By Howard Packowitz
Norml – Illinois State Univesty’s wish lis o'capital projecks, releest Mundie, includes replaseeun' its acoupla laberatory … Reat t'res

Fer t'sekunt year n' a roe, neerly ever U.S. Mennonite college an' univesty repertid low'r overall enrollment. Still, har skoolin institutyuns an' seminaries find reeson ta be hopefil.Full-time an' part-time studants at Mennonite Church USA an' U.S. Conferance o'Mennonite Brethre Churches colleges, universitees an' seminaries numb'r 8,861 thishere fall, down … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Erik Kratz, who graduatid frum Eastern Mennonite Univesty n' 2002, wuz honert us t'EMU alumnus o't' year un Saturdee.

Erik Kratz playd fer EMU baseball frum 1999-2002. Un Saturdee, he wuz namt t'EMU alumnus o't' year.

Kratz, a catch'r, hus enjoyt a long an' successfil MLB … Reat t'res

“A risin tide lifts all boats.”—JFK
Twantee yeers ago, Illinois State Univesty made t'bold an' brave move ta add its furst professyunal college by brangin t'Mennonite College o'Nursin (MCN)—a college at had operatid us a private institushun since 1919—ta t'Univesty. Thar is no doubt at, at t'ime, thar wuz sum … Reat t'res

Oct 10, 2019

BUENA VISTA, Va. — T' Suthern Virginny Univesty wimmen’s volleyball team defeetid Eastern Mennonite Univesty Thirsdee nite n' fer sets 25-18, 25-22, 20-25, 25-22. 
T' Knights (12-7) showcast thar depth us Taryn Warn'r, Courtney Singleton, an' Kaelee Rath wuz bull ta hit ov'r .250 un t'nite. Kanani … Reat t'res

N' less thun three weeks, t'Univesty o'Lynchburg will be illuminatid by a spotliite no uther Division III skool a'ken claim. Un Oct. 19, a'followin yeers o'preparashun, Lynchburg will becum t'onlee D-III skool ta have its games broadcus un ESPN.Aft'r securyun' all t'necessree resources ov'r t'pus cuple yeers, t'skool lus week … Reat t'res

T' furst time’s t'charm fer Warwick grad Kate Dickoe.T' freshmun hus gotte off ta a fus start fer t'Univesty o'Richmond cross kuntry team. Wile at mite nairy be sprizin gif' Dickoe’s success wen she competid fer t'Warwick track team, it is a bit sprizin gif' thishere is hern furst try … Reat t'res

NerTH NEWTON — Bethel College is rankt highest o'inny Kansus college er univesty n' one o'“Washington Monthlee’s” annual lists o'exemplree U.S. institutyuns o'har skoolin.Bethel is No. 12 amungst t'“Top 200 Bacheler’s Colleges.””Washington Monthlee” rankings meesure institutyuns bast un contribushun ta t'public good n' three broad categeries: soshul mobilitee, reseerch an' … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Eastern Mennonite Univesty wuz rankt amungst t'Sierra Club’s ‘Cool Skools’ bast un thar commitment ta environmantalism an' sustunabilitee. T' univesty hus bee wurkin toward solar energy innovashun, includin a solar projeck at expan't EMU’s solar capacitee by 65%. Studants have also wurked un fife campus gardens … Reat t'res

BLUFFTON, Ohio— Bluffton Univesty hus enrollt its highest numb'r o'furst-year studants since 2013-14. T' furst-year class o'250 also hus un avridge GPA o'3.26 an' t'avridge Ack scere o'21.“Bluffton is thrillt ta enroll air largest class n' six yeers an' ta have t'largest numb'r o'internatyunal studants un campus since 2003,” sed … Reat t'res