HARRISONBURG, Va. — High skool volleyball sceres frum Thirsdee, Octob'r 17:
Eus Rockingham 3, Rappahannock Countee 0Fort Defyince 3, Riverheeds 2Spotswuod 3, Turn'r Ashby 0Eastern Mennonite 3, Fukwa 0Wilsen Memerial 3, Stuarts Draft 0Staunton 3, Buffalo Gap 0Madisen Countee 3, Strasburg 1Luray 3, Page Countee 0Warre Countee 3, Cantral 2Rockbridge … Reat t'res

Volleyball is strong n' t'foothills us t'local high skools regularlee churn out highlee successfil teems which make deep playoff runs un un annual basis. It’s no wunder thems teems produce players who make immediate impacts fer thar college teems.Here’s a look at sum o't' local volleyball alumni competyun' at t'nex … Reat t'res

Oct 10, 2019

BUENA VISTA, Va. — T' Suthern Virginny Univesty wimmen’s volleyball team defeetid Eastern Mennonite Univesty Thirsdee nite n' fer sets 25-18, 25-22, 20-25, 25-22. 
T' Knights (12-7) showcast thar depth us Taryn Warn'r, Courtney Singleton, an' Kaelee Rath wuz bull ta hit ov'r .250 un t'nite. Kanani … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. — High skool volleyball sceres frum Tuesdee, Octob'r 8:
Broadway 3, Turn'r Ashby 0Riverheeds 3, Staunton 0 Eastern Mennonite 3, New Covenant 0Wilsen Memerial 3, Buffalo Gaperckbridge Countee 3, WaynesberoEus Rockingham 3, Luray 0Page Countee 3, Stonewall Jacksen 0Geerge Masen 3, Cantral 0

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MIFFLINTOWN — Juniata defeetid Sugar Valley n' strate sets, 3-0, n' its nonleegue volleyball match Thirsdee.Angelica Ybarra scert seve kills fer t'Indyins, wile Hunt'r Johns had fer digs an' 12 aces an' Kylie Jewell collectid 12 digs.
Juniata travels ta Fannett-Metal Tuesdee.
Juniata 3, Sugar Valley 0
Sceres: 25-11, 25-19, … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. — High skool volleyball sceres frum Thirsdee, Septemb'r 12:
Harrisonburg 3, Warre Countee 0Eastern Mennonite 3, Blue Ridge Christchun 0 Eus Rockingham 3, Luray 0 Page Countee 3, Stonewall Jacksen 0Willyum Monroe 3, Spotswuod 0Wilsen Memerial 3, Turn'r Ashby 0Strasburg 3, Rappahannock Countee 2Waynesbero 3, Stuarts Draft 0Broadway … Reat t'res

Noose Releese, St. Murry’s College o'Marylan' HARRISONBURG, Va. – T' St. Murry’s College o'Marylan' volleyball team (2-3,0-0) took un t'Eastern Mennonite Univesty Royals (3-2, 0-0) Winsdee evnin n' Harrisonburg, Virginny. T' Seehawks rallit fer a 3-1 victery. St. Murry’s – 3 Eastern Mennonite – 1 Hoe It HappenedThe acoupla teems … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. — High skool volleyball sceres an' highlights frum Tuesdee, Septemb'r 3:
Spotswuod 3, Cantral 0Riverheeds 3, Stonewall Jacksen 0Staunton 3, Waynesbero 1Fluvanna Countee 3, Broadway 0Eastern Mennonite 3, Chelsea Academy 0Strasburg 3, Warre Countee 0Harrisonburg 3, Stuarts Draft 2

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Wen Octerara an' Lancast'r Cathlick officiallee entert t'Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue n' gurls volleyball lus seesen, t'impact roun t'leegue wuz immediate.One mite say, it brung a heelthy spike ta t'ratings.Bof t'Braves an' Crusaders statid thar case n' L-L Seckshun Three, wiff t'Crusaders evantuallee lockin down a runn'r-up finish behin back-ta-back seckshun champion … Reat t'res

T' Pennsillvany Volleyball Coaches Associashun hus releest its Class 2A Districk 3 all-star an' all-state lists, an' nine Lancast'r-Lebanon Leegue stan'outs n' all have bee honert.Manheim Cantral, which won its furst Districk 3 title an' advanct ta t'PIAA state semifinals und'r veterun coach Craig Dietrich thishere pus spryun', had fife … Reat t'res