Editer’s note: Sekunt o'a 10-part series un physical, mantal, relatyunal, an' spiritual heelth.Lus week air topick wuz Rise an' thishere week it’s Play. As adults, we don’t ofte reckon o'thems items n' t'same breth, but o'corse at is t'furst thangs minny a youngns reckon o'wen thay git up n' t'monin', … Reat t'res

Eastlan' Baptist Church Bibull Quiz Team, “A Lil Honey,” finisht sekunt fer Week 2 o't' Nerthwest Ohio Bibull Quiz Leegue. Picturt wiff thar trofy air, frum lef, Faith Shelton, Grace Shelton, Trinitee Snid'r an' Lydia Shelton. T' nex meet will take place un Jun. 26 at Nerth Clintun Mennonite Church … Reat t'res

Hillsbero Natif', Dale Sudermun, dit lus week at t'age o'75. Sudermun contributid ta Marion Countee bof us a resident an' wen he livt n' Chicago fer a period o'time whar he wrote a column fer t'A'loose Press callt View frum Afar.
One o'his'n mos well-knowed columns wuz t'one run un … Reat t'res

Anoth'r week o'L-L Leegue gurls’ baskutbul acshun tippt off un Mundie, wiff a cuple o'key seckshun games un t'docket, plus sum intriguyun' nonleegue clashes. Here’s t'roundup, plus sum notables an' lanks …Seckshun 2Efrata 48, Warwick 39 — T' host Mountuneers kep a stranglehold un t'op spot n' t'seckshun hunt, raseeun' … Reat t'res

Acoupla local reserves frum Virginny Tech’s football team announct via Twitt'r lus week at thay will be transferryun' n' seerch o'playyun' time.Redshirt freshmun offensif' linemun Looey Mihota (Massaponax) declart his'n intenshun ta transf'r ta FCS-level St. Francis (Pa.) whar he will join acoupla risin senyers frum Chanceller, quarterback Jasen Brown … Reat t'res

Masaya VolkunoLus week I ast: Whut citee is un t'nerth shere o'Lake Managua?

Masaya VolkunoI have bee ta Granada, Nicaragua, sevrul times n' t'lus 25 yeers an' impressd wiff hoe it hus improovd ov'r t'yeers.
I didn’t stay n' Granada thishere year but took a day trip ta Granada … Reat t'res

EDMONTON, Alta. — Each week, a lil ban' o'disciples knowed us Edmonton Christchun Life Communitee Church meets at St. John’s Evangelical Lutherun Church, whar minny a homeless folk congregate. T' congregashun o'about 20 is made up o'Chinese boat folk who kum ta Canada n' t'1980s, minny a o'who gut jobs … Reat t'res



These deeds wuz repertid lus week us recerdt by t'regist'r o'deeds. Propertee addresses come frum appraisal recerds. Agricultural propertee descriptyuns use common road references derivt frum appraisal recerds. All air warrantee deeds lessn otherwise notid.

Nerma Lee Riggs, by pow'r-o'-atterney, ta Kenneth M. an' Leretta G. Monroe, 231 … Reat t'res

A Flerida mun pleedt gilty lus week ta a series o'charges n' a bizarre plot ta kidnap fife yung youngns an' kill thar parnts, an' proseecuters air awaityun' extradishun o'three mer plotters who flt ta t'Unitid Kingdom.
Frank Jesse Amnott, 31, pleedt gilty ta one count o'conspiracy ta commit ta … Reat t'res

Welcum ta FERN’s Frydee Fet (#FFF), whar we share t'steries frum thishere week at made us stop an' reckon.


“Almos 90 yeers aft'r t'end o'Prohibishun, sum 2,000 jurisdictyuns — towns, countees, an' mer — air dry, typicallee meanin y'all a'ken’t legallee buy alkyhol,” writes Matthew Zeitlin. “Besides thishere obveeus … Reat t'res