BELLEVILLE — Nicholus Wilsen hus bee namt interim superintendent o'Belleville Mennonite Skool, effectif' Thirsdee.Since joinyun' BMS facultee lus summ'r, Wilsen hus bee servin us t'middle an' high skool principal, a middle skool teechur an' part o't' leedership team at hus bee coverin t'responsibilitees o'superintendent, accerdyun' ta a noose releese frum … Reat t'res

1.2. 2020

Writte By:
Sheryl Wilsen

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Thus sez t'LORD o'hosts: Rend'r true judgmants, shoe kindness an' mercy ta … Reat t'res

Bill Bush HESSTON—Un New Year’s Eve, comedic juggl'r Marcus Wilsen will be perfermyun' at Hesston Mennonite Church at 7:30 p.m. Wilsen, who lives n'…

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BOYS BASKETBALltogwuod DistrictNelsen 63, Altavista 53

NELSON (1-2, 1-0)Brice Wilsen 17, Houston Cart'r 14, Brown 5, McGarry 8, Hughes 2, Jare Purvis 16, K. Cart'r 1. Totals 21 18-25 63.ALTAVISTA (1-2, 0-1)Jaylle Jones 14, Coles 4, Graves 4, Bailey Stinnette 10, Hart 2, Stuart Hunt 11, Johnsen 4, McGann 4. … Reat t'res

HARRISONBURG, Va. (JMU Athletics) — Junier ferwards Zach Jacobs an' Dwiite Wilsen each postid doubull-doubles un Saturdee afternoon ta lead t'way us James Madisen cruist ta un 80-65 win ov'r Eastern Mennonite n' a menfolk’s baskutbul exhibishun game at t'JMU Convocashun Cant'r.
Jacobs lt t'Dukes un t'afternoon, rackyun' up 21 … Reat t'res

CLOSE Buy PhotoChance Church, who transferrt frum Wilsen Memerial ta Eastern Mennonite befor t'2018 seesen, wurks un his'n game at t'Staunton-Augusta YMCA. (Photo: Patrick Hite/T' Noose Leed'r)STAUNTON – It’s nairy t'onlee part o'his'n baskutbul game at hus changd, but it may be t'mos innerestin transfermashun Chance Church hus undertake n' … Reat t'res