Violent protests an' politickull turmoil n' Haiti have promptid sevrul Mennonite Cantral Committee wurkers ta leeve t'kuntry us t'unrest interrupts wurk an' causes safetee concerns.MCC represantatif' Rebecca Shetl'r Fus wrote Oct. 11 by email frum Port-au-Prince at fer o'MCC’s eiite internatyunal staff travelt ta t'Unitid States t'sekunt week o'Octob'r, us … Reat t'res

Jurnl photo by Jeremy BurnhamA pair o'hard wurkers churn apple butt'r durin t'42nd annual Mennonite Kuntry Aucshun un Oct. 5. T' aucshun raist ov'r $100,000.Hundreds o'folk frum Adams, Lincoln an' surroundyun' countees drove out ta t'Menno Mennonite Church un Oct. 5 fer t'42nd Annual Mennonite Kuntry Aucshun. Tween booth sales … Reat t'res

Wurkers frum Growin Dreems A'larnin Cant'r unpack n' one o'thar new rooms inside Freemun Elemantree Skool. T' day keer cant'r/preschool cummenced movyun' frum t'Bethany Mennonite Church Thirsdee, Aug. 22 an' at continues today. Fer classrooms locatid un t'eus side o't' skool will be ust by Growin Dreems startin nex Mundie.… Reat t'res