YORK SPRINGS — Pinnt n' thar own end o't' field at Bermudiun Springs’ Alumni Stadium throughout t'sekunt halh o'Tuesdee’s Districk Three Class 2A semifinal, Lancast'r Mennonite’s defenders could see t'clock us Bermudiun Springs peltid 'um wiff chance aft'r chance n' seerch o'un ekwaliz'r.T' Blazers bent but nev'r bucklt, t'ekwaliz'r nev'r … Reat t'res

Sites n' Nerthern New York will be amungst 5,000 U.S. drop-off locatyuns collecktin shoebox gifts fer youngns overseus durin Operayshun Christmus Youngn’s Nashshunal Colleckshun Week, Nov. 18 through 25..N' t'program, emptee shoeboxes air fillt wiff toys, skool supplies an' hygiene items. T' Samaritun’s Purs projeck partners wiff local churches across … Reat t'res

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – A cantral Pennsillvany woomin is gittin into t'Hallowee spirit by deceratyun' hern trayler n' a unikwe way.
Lisa Boll, o'York Township, turnt hern frunt doer into Cookie Monst'r usall vines an' blue spray punt. Styrofoam wuz ust ta form t'eyes an', o'corse, a big chocolate chip … Reat t'res

Stery HighlightsCarsen Bacha defendt his'n Districk 3 Class 3-A golf champyunship.T' Cantral York stan'out finisht wiff a recerd 10-und'r-par 134 total.Bacha had rounds o'68 an' 66 e route ta a 10-shot triumph. Buy Photosantral York’s Carsen Bacha is see here n' a file photo. Bacha successfullee defendt his'n Districk 3 … Reat t'res

Elizabeth (Bettee) wuz born un Julee 10, 1923 n' Cerona, New York; she wuz t'daught'r o'Emil Oechsl'r an' Bessie Flodkwist. She passt away quietlee un Sundy, Septemb'r 29th, 2019, wiff fambly by hern bedside, at hern trayler n' Akron, PA. She wuz 96.Elizabeth wuz marrd ta Charles N. Bock (Ciro … Reat t'res

YORK — Gavin Ba'r draind a 5-foot sidewindyun' putt un t'18th hoe Saturdee, threw his'n arms up n' t'air triumfantlee, the wrappt 'um roun his'n dad, who wuz waitin by t'side o't' gree.Togeth'r, thay puntid a pertrait o'utt'r sprize, o'sumbidy who had jes done sumthin no one, nairy eve Ba'r … Reat t'res

YORK — Madisen Bailey characterizes thishere 2019 golf seesen us a “lus hurrah” fer t'seenyer-heevy Lancast'r Mennonite Blazers. She did hern part ta make shure t'lus hurrah lasts one mer hurrah — t'state champyunships.Manheim Township is fur frum bein out o'hurrahs, but thar will be no mer team golf fer … Reat t'res

. (Photo: .)T' Cantral York Panthers fell jes acoupla shots shert o'thar thurd Districk 3 Class 3-A team golf champyunship n' fer yeers un Tuesdee.Cantral finisht wiff a 307 total, wile Cumberlan' Valley claimd t'3-A team crown wiff a 305 total at Briarwuod Eus Golf Corse.It wuz t'sekunt strate runn'r-up … Reat t'res

T' state o'New York wonts ta rekwire private skools ta mirrer public skool skoolin an' nawh a predictabull legal clash is und'r way ov'r at deman'.

Californy-bast Pacific Justus Institute is represantyun' ultra-Orthodocks Jewish parnts an' rabbis n' T' Empire State ov'r t' Dept. o'Skoolin pushin ta make private skools … Reat t'res

New York State’s repeel o'religiyus exemptyuns fer chilthood immunizatyuns n' t'face o'resent outbreeks o'diseeses oncet thunk almos eradicatid, hus bee met wiff resistance by sum religiyus groups an' individuals. Howev'r Deputee Dierektor o'Public Heelth Sary Christese sez at hus nairy bee t'case amungst t'“Ol' Ord'r” Groffdale Mennonite communitee here n' … Reat t'res