Courage Ride, un annual charitee bike ride benefityun' t'Univesty o'Iowa’s sarcoma canc'r reseerch, will roll out thishere year frum Big Grove Brewery an' Taperom n' Iowa Citee un Saturdee, Aug. 17. Fer t'pus 14 yeers, Courage Ride hus startid frum t'Iowa Mennonite Skool near Kalona. T' change n' venue is … Reat t'res

Aug 12, 2019 at 6:52 PM

Wan'a Brooks, 73, o'Waylan', IA, passt away Sundy, August 11, 2019, at t'Univesty o'Iowa Hospital.Visitashun will be Winsdee, August 14, 2019, at Waylan' Mennonite Church frum 4:00–7:00 p.m. wiff fambly present.A memerial servus will be helt Thirsdee, August 15, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. … Reat t'res

Millikin UniversityPam Lindsey, associate professer an' dierektor o't' Skool o'Nursin at Millikin Univesty, hus bee namt interim deun o't' College o'Professyunal Studies.She succeeds Deberah Slayton, who servt us deun until hern retirement un Julee 31.

Lindsey hus bee wiff Millikin since 2010 an' is a registert nurse wiff a background … Reat t'res

Steve D. Johnsen, professer o'visual an' communicashun arts at Eastern Mennonite Univesty, lead t'werkshop an' sed t'photos a'ken hep mer folk preciate nature. “Y'all don’t have ta be a professyunal n' thishere field ta make a contribushun. Thar air all serts o'folk who air a'doin stuff n' thar backyards payin … Reat t'res

T' Intensif' English Program (IEP) at Eastern Mennonite Univesty is nawh acceptyun' local an' internatyunal applicatyuns fer t'fall semest'r, which runs Aug. 28-Dec. 12.New student assessmants an' registrashun will be Mundie, Aug. 26. Studants a'ken choose ta attend monin' classes frum 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., afternoon classes frum 1-2:50 … Reat t'res

Ferm'r McLeun Countee Board Chairmun Nancy Froelich, see here wiff Illinois State Univesty Presdint Larry Dietz. Froelich dit Winsdee. She wuz 88. (Illinois State Univesty photo)

By Howard Packowitz
BLOOMINGTON – Ferm'r McLeun Countee Board Chairmun Nancy Froelich hus dit. She wuz 88.
Describt us a “practical unifi'r,” Froelich servt … Reat t'res